Sunday, 29 April 2012

* Crystal Crown Hotel, Port Klang

Last week I was sent for an all-expense paid for course in Port Klang. I was really undecided whether I should put up this post as this is not a hotel of my choice and to have it placed under "Best Hotels & Resorts in Malaysia" would be doing a little injustice to my blog. I decided to go ahead, just in case you need to go to Port Klang for a mission and you need to choose a hotel to lodge in.
This is the main facade of Crystal Crown Port Klang. The hotel is located in a non-happening area somewhere between Klang town and Port Klang. 
There are 2 entrances into the spacious lobby.
This is the reception counter.
This logo is seen here and there, heeding the Malaysian government's 1-Malaysia call.
I headed straight to the 1st floor as the course briefing started quite early.The 1st floor is where the ballroom and all the conference rooms are located. The course venue is the grand ballroom. Upon entering, I was greeted by an unpleasant, stale odour. Having to sit in for 3 sessions for the first day, was intoxicating. 
Putting the stench aside, the ballroom is not too bad as it is very spacious.
The sound system is quite good too.
Lunch and dinner were served in the ballroom itself. The food was not bad.
There was Malay-style and Western-style salads.
soup, desserts and fruits to go with the main dishes for ever meal.
I visited the mezzanine floor and I quite liked the cozy setting. There are banisters and you can look down the lobby area. 
 There is a Chinese Restaurant on the mezzanine floor.
Menu for package meals were seen displayed on the wall but in a rather unsophisticated manner. 
There is a waiting lounge outside the restaurant.
Breakfast was at Brass Cafe, located on the lobby floor, just beside the reception area. Breakfast cuisine was satisfactory but the place was rather cramped and there was too little walking space for comfort. 
 I stayed in the Superior Room. (The rate is RM145/night)
The room is air-conditioned, has a TV, a working table, a coffee table and 2 chairs...
There is a closet with hanging space, an extra pillow...
an empty mini-bar, coffee and tea making facilities with a few sachets of coffee/tea & 2 bottles of mineral water.
The washroom is quite small but cleanliness was satisfactory. Basic bath amenities were provided.  
There is no separate shower cubicle so you either soak in the tub or stand in it to shower.
 There is a hair-dryer.
I stayed on the 7th floor and this is the view taken from my room.
There is a swimming pool on the 6th floor but this place is devoid of any form of landscaping and looks very dull. The pool is small and other than an open shower, no changing room or bath towels were provided.
Just beside the pool is the Blue Crystal Sauna Court, supposedly for steam and sauna for hotel guests. I went in to have a look but the guy tending the place was quick to tell me the place was "For Men Only" He repeated that a few times and I got the message that I was an unwelcomed guest. I noticed there was half a dozen very sexily clad women there and I suspected there was flesh trade going on. My suspicion was confirmed by the receptionist at the lobby who reluctantly admitted to it. In fact a few female course participants had their doors knocked on at 4am asking whether they were interested in "part time income". I find this unbelievable and totally disgusting.
I took the opportunity to visit the South Port which is a 15 min drive away from the hotel. This is a place where ferries from Indonesia embark and disembark.
There are fishing vessels and a few cargo ships.  Other than that this is a place you would not miss very much.
In conclusion I should say, Crystal Crown Hotel, Port Klang is a hotel you should not support as immoral activities are carried out quite openly there.


  1. Awesome photos, I really like this place it look more elegant and luxurious. I really like this place very much.

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  2. thank you 4 this review,, it helps... :)

  3. What immoral activities? Have you witnessed the activities?

    1. The receptionist I spoke to admitted there is.

    2. Confirmed. Flesh trade is still going on. The whole hotel is not the best I have seen. Rooms have been neglected and not very keen on their cleanliness


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