Saturday 11 April 2015

Tasmania Trvel Pt 13: Up-Close With Tassie Wildlife At East Coast Natureworld.

East Coast Natureworld  is a great place to experience Tasmania's wildlife. We visited this place enroute to Freycinet National Park and had a good time interacting up-close with some of the animals there.
Natureworld  is located on the main Tasman Highway, just 5 minutes north of Bicheno. Open daily from 9am to 5pm, this wildlife sanctuary charges an entrance fee of AUD24 (adult) and AUD11 (2 to 15 yrs old).
Set amongst 150 acres of parkland and lagoons, Natureworld offers a very relaxing ambiance; one where you can take leisurely walks and appreciate wildlife, birdlife and floras at your own pace.
A main highlight is the Tasmanian Devil, an animal indigenous to Tasmania.
The devil is a carnivorous marsupial (has its baby in a pouch) and is aggressive when it comes to food. Faced with competitors for food, they will make all types of noises from barking, snorting, growling and screaming to scare each other off. It is this screaming and the fierce look that gives rise to its 'Devil' name.
The devils prefer to eat dead animals or anything rotten. They have powerful jaws that will crush even the bones and the whole carcass will be devoured leaving nothing to pollute the environment.
Feeding time
Demonstrating the powerful jaw of the devil.
The wombat
The sheep
The emu - 3rd largest bird in the world.
An artistic pose!

An interesting flora
Wild but beautiful
Seeking a moment of solitude
Ducks in the lagoon
Two black swans
The reflection
The cafeteria at the entrance to Natureworld
The souvenir shop next to the cafeteria
Cafetaria Menu
We packed a simple meal to bring to Freycinet National Park just before leaving Natureworld.

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