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* Impiana Hotel, KLCC

We bought a 4D3N stay in Impiana KLCC at a really good deal during the Hari Raya Puasa Festival. We were thinking what a better way to explore the city (especially the eateries) than to stay in a hotel located right in the city-center. 
Impiana Hotel is ideally located. On one hand this hotel offers greater privacy as it is located on a quieter street (Jalan Pinang) compared to hotels located along the nearby Jalan Bukit Bintang. On the other hand this hotel is so well connected to all the happening places that you can even do without public transport.
Impiana KLCC is a 4 star hotel. (Photo above shows the hotel exterior)
The hotel lobby is really spacious and hanging from the ceiling is a beautiful chandelier.
Photo above shows some ceiling decor at the lobby .
This is the reception area. The concierge and reception service can be considered good.
The lobby lounge is located on the left wing of the lobby. The lounge is furnished with a few sets of soft velvety sofas. There is a grand piano here and guests are entertained by the in-house pianist and violinists during the evenings.
We stayed in a deluxe room on the 13th floor. The room setting is not really unique as it is one typically seen in most hotels.
This is the entrance with the closet on the left and the washroom on the right.
Some of the things I like about the room are the extra large king bed, the wooden panel flooring and the drawers in the cabinet which are big enough to tuck away all your belongings.
I also like the big working table. Quite a number of thing are complimentary. If you drive, parking is free. Usage of WIFI is also free. 
This fruit platter is complimentary.
This hotel also offers a 24-hour pillow service. You can get your pillow changed even in the middle of the night if the one you are sleeping on is not comfortable for you.
There are 7 choices of pillows. You can also request for a bolster.
Room facilities include: safety box, weighing scale, slippers, bathrobes, iron and ironing board and hair-drier.
There is coffee & tea making facilities, free sachets of coffee, tea and 2 small bottles of mineral water.
There is a mini-bar but the items inside are chargeable.
This is the washroom. Cleanliness is satisfactory.
These are the bath amenities provided. 
Newspapers are sent to the room every morning.
There is an infinity-edged swimming pool on the 4th floor of the hotel. The pool is narrow but moderately long.
There is also a gym on the 4th floor.
I have pasted the rate for some spa service just in case you are interested.
There is a souvenir shop on the lobby floor.
The hotel also provides shuttle service to a few destination.
I mentioned earlier that this hotel is very well connected.Seen here is the pedestrian bridge that connects level 3A of the hotel to many interesting places. The chart below shows all the places in the hotel vicinity.
Using the pedestrian bridge it takes only 3 to 8 minutes to walk to these places.
This pedestrian bridge is not only covered, it is also fully air-conditioned and it links Impiana Hotel to major KL hotspots. Rain or shine it is hassle free to visit these places.

"Good service", "Clean", "Great Location", "Convenient" 
I am recommending this hotel  as Impiana KLCC has them all. 

Interesting Places In The Hotel Vicinity
1. KL Convention Centre, KLCC Park , Aquaria KLCC,  Petronas Twin Tower
   These places are put together as they are all in the same location.
    It takes only 3 minutes to walk to  KL Convention Centre. There are various exhibitions held here 
    all year round. During our stay at Impiana there was a Book Fair.
    There is a food court in the Convention Centre  but the food available here is not very interesting.
Adjacent to the Convention Centre is KL City Centre Park. There is a  2.1 km  jogging track in the park.
The hotel even prepared a jogging map for its patrons knowing this could be a likely activity for them.
 KLCC Park is the largest city park in Malaysia . It is beautiful and very well maintained. You can see and even walk to the Petronas Twin Tower from here.
Photo above is taken at KLCC Park.
Another interesting place in the vicinity  is Aquaria KLCC  which you can visit with an entrance fee. Aquaria is in the same premise as KL Convention Centre. 

2. Suria KLCC Shopping Mall
Suria KLCC is  a shopping mall with many retail and F&B outlets. You can use the pedestrian bridge or just walk along a short stretch of road to get there. 
We dined at this Korean restaurant in Suria KLCC as we loved  korean pickles (kim chi).
We had hot pot bulgogi.
And hot pot seafood.  The food is good but it's not the best Korean food in town.

3. Pavillion Shopping Mall
    The Pavillion is a favourite hang-out for locals and foreigners alike. This mall is always bustling 
     with activities.
There are many retail and F&B outlets here as well. The pedestrian bridge links Impiana Hotel directly to Pavillion which means you can walk to the mall even if it is raining cats and dogs.
We come for our favourite "Xiau Long Bao" whenever we are around here. You can't get this in normal Dim Sum restaurants in town. They either do not know how to make this or make it wrongly.
One basket is never enough for 2  of us.
Plump and succulent are probably the best words to describe these delicacies. You need to know how to eat it too. Always nip it at the top part to reduce the pressure or else the hot broth inside may spurt 1 foot away.
You can also see how this dumplings are made through a glass window.
Tokyo Street is located on Level 6 of Pavillion and you can get all things Japanese here.
This is the first time we dine at Sukiya Restaurant at Tokyo Street.
We had syabu-syabu. 
It was really good and we'll definitely be back.

4. Taking The Monorail
The monorail station is not too far away from Impiana Hotel. Walk along the pedestrian bridge and exit at Wisma Cosway. From there, walk 1 block  to reach this station. The monorail is a good way to see KL city as the tracks are elevated. We took the opportunity to visit Kenanga Wholesale City using the monorail as I haven't been there.
This is Kenanga Wholesale City. This mall and the shops nearby are supposed to sell cheaper goods especially clothing but you will have to buy in bulk (6pc) to get a better deal . A visit to this place was a letdown. It wasn't as interesting as it was advertised. The things are not that cheap too. 



Unknown said...

what i have read will be very useful to us because we will be going to KL next month and will stay at Impiana KLCC Hotel. This is great. Thank you.

Lily... said...

Great to hear that. Enjoy your trip to KL.

Anonymous said...


we are planning to stay at Impiana next year. may i know if they have rooms that offer the twin tower view?


Lily... said...

Gosh, I wish I can answer this question but that depends on when you will be there, or whether all such rooms have been taken when you are there. It's best you request this directly from the hotel before you book a room. Even if you can't, the twin tower is just right before you when you walk out to KLCC Park. (Refer to the photo I took along the jogging track.)

Anonymous said...

thanks for the response.

what I actually meant is if rooms with twin tower view exist in Impiana Hotel. Or the hotel does not have any rooms with the view of the twin tower?

thanks again!

Lily... said...

Many rooms are available that faces the twin tower. Impiana Hotel is actually so near the twin tower.
Do enjoy your stay there Jackie.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lily. Your post is very informative and interesting and helpful! I will be going there in June and was not aware of the pedestrian bridge.

Lily... said...

Enjoy yourself. You've picked a good hotel.

Unknown said...

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