Sunday, 21 July 2013

A Day Trip To Muar Part 1: Craving For Otak-Otak

It was a craving for otak-otak that birthed this day trip to Muar. Otak-otak may not have originated from Muar but Muar is certainly famous for this delicacy. We rarely get to eat Muar otak-otak here but the few generously given to us by friends who returned from their hometown in Muar were quite unforgettable.
We forgot to note the brand on the wrappers so we had to scout around for some good ones ourselves.
Our first stop was at Aclass  in Jalan Bentayan. This shop sells otak-otak in many flavours (fish, prawn, squid, crab and even clam) which are available in the form of sticks wrapped with coconut leaves ( as in the picture below) or plastic wrapped frozen ones.
The restaurant caters for dine-ins as well as takeaways. We tried a few sticks of grilled otak-otak and concluded they were quite good. We had plans to come back to this shop to buy the frozen ones on our way home.
Location of Aclass.
Our second stop was at Jalan Haji Abu a.k.a Glutton Street. This vendor operates a stall outside a corner coffee shop.
We tried some otak-otak from this stall but found them too salty.
Just diagonally across the street an otak-otak vendor operating from a van (called Hang Kee Otak Otak) was apparently doing brisk sales. I believe the locals know best where to find good otak-otak. Bought some from this stall to try.
Among the three places patronized, the otak-otak here is the best. We decided to buy half a dozen packets of frozen otak-otak from this vendor to bring home instead of going back to Aclass.
 This is the frozen otak-otak which we brought home to bake. It was super yummy of course.

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