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Kalimpong Travel Part 5: The Elgin Silver Oaks Hotel - Reviews and Photos

I was supposed to stay in Windsongs  but there was a last minute change and I ended up staying in The Elgin Silver Oaks, Kalimpong making this the 3rd Elgin Hotel I've stayed in this trip to India.  
All the three Elgin Hotels keep to the same tradition of welcoming its guests with a small glass of cherry shandy and a silk scarf draped around the neck. All the three hotels are built on hill slopes and one very cute thing they have in common is all rear 2 white dogs of the same breed.
The Elgin Siver Oaks, Kalimpong is conveniently located in town. Its easy access to eateries and shops definitely gives it a plus point in choosing a hotel in Kalimpong.
Hotel Exterior
There is another garden 1 level below the main hotel building.
The Hotel Garden - A place you can enjoy Kalimpong sun and fantastic views.
The hotel lounge is tastefully furnished with many sets of sofas and upholsted  chairs. It is also 'the place' where Wifi can be accessed.
The lounge is nice but cannot match the one in Elgin Darjeeling.
The hotel bar.
 The lovely garden.
You can see the peak of Mount Kanchenjunga from here.
More nice views from Elgin Kalimpong
A superb view of Kalimpong town from the hotel.
We stayed at Room No 41.
This room comes with facilities like coffee and tea making facilities, a portable heater and a table fan. There is complimentary butter cookies.
There is an old fashioned cupboard for clothes and a safety box.
The not so nice thing about the room is the washroom which looks a bit "tired". It's probably time to refurbish it.
The bath amenities.
Room floor carpet
The hallway - charming except for the hallway runner which looked old and seasoned.
 Dinner Menu in the hotel
Overall, The Elgin Silver Oaks, Kalimpong is a nice place to lodge in.

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Overlooking the Teesta river and valley, this small hill-town of Kalimpong in the 'Lesser Himalayas' is a treat for nature-lovers, especially with its lush horticulture and flower-markets. Explore various popular hotels in Kalimpong for tourists.

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