Friday 27 March 2015

Tasmania Travel Pt 3: Salamanca Place, A Famous Tourist Attraction In Tasmania.

We still have 3 hours before we could check into the hotel. So where next to pass our time after visiting Battery Point.  Everyone who comes to Hobart will make it a point to visit Salamanca Place and that's where we are heading to. 
There is a short cut to Salamanca Place from Battery Point. It is through  Kelly's Steps at the end of Kelly Street. [Salamanca Place is just in front of Battery Point, actually]
A short walk through a few flight of steps and a pathway between two warehouse blocks.
We are finally at the Salamanca Place, a very popular tourist destination in Hobart.
The long row of sandstone buildings lining Salamanca Place are indeed historic as they used to be warehouses for the port of Hobart. These warehouses were built in the 1830s to house grain, wool, whale oil and imported goods. Today they have been reinvented as galleries, shops, boutiques, theatres, cafes, bars and restaurants.
You can take a virtual walk and see some of the things that I see around Salamanca Place.
Already drooling?
Many make in Australia products and crafts are sold in Salamanca Place.
In Tasmania, meals are often cheaper as takeaways than dine-ins and the same meal may cost less during lunch time compared to dinner time.
There are small shops and galleries, where you can find local artisans at work and and authentic Tasmanian crafts for sale.
In the midst of the warehouse block, a square has been established. This place called Salamanca Square features a fountain, contemporary crafts, some new buildings, shops and eateries.
A book shop at Salamanca Square.
What's really famous about Salamanca Place is Salamanca Market which is opened only on Saturdays from 8.30am to 3pm. Hundreds of vendors will set up stalls in front of the warehouses to sell their products and wares. Try as I might, I could not fit my schedule to visit Salamanca Market as I would be in Freycinet National Park on that Saturday. Sob! Sob! Sob! I felt so sad.

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