Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Changchun Part 3: Shangri-La Changchun

I wish I had spent more time in Shangri-La Changchun to enjoy the long list of facilities it claims to offer. Unfortunately I checked in quite late in the evening and checked out rather early the next morning leaving too little time to explore every nook and cranny like I would normally do. It was also extremely cold outside with a temperature that had fallen to -24°C so I didn't make any attempt to venture out to explore its surroundings either. Anyway I am putting up this post to remember my stay there.
Shangri-La Changchun is located in the city centre close to shopping centres.
I've stayed in a number of Shangri-La hotels which I found to be a class above many others. I did see that trait in the reception lobby and lounge area of Shangri-La Changchun as the furnishings and fittings were elaborate and rather extravagant.
lobby lounge
the elevators
hallway to our room
Our deluxe room was however a far cry from one anticipated of an internationally branded hotel. In fact it looked a little tired. Bed spreads and bed sheets were not as crisp and white, drapes were not as neat and the floor carpet looked dull. Measuring only 36 square metres the room was also a little cramped leaving not much space to move about after opening up our 2 big travel luggage.
It was however sufficiently fitted and furnished with good facilities for a comfortable stay.

The most commendable feature was the complimentary sachets of tea and coffee as the array provided was better than those provided in most other hotels. Bottled water and Wifi were available and complimentary as well.
The washroom was clean but the sink countertop space was rather limited. The toilet and shower area were not in separate cubicles and the heater was functional.
The view from our room was not too bad.
Our room came with buffet breakfast which was served in Shen Cafe. 
There was a good spread of breakfast cuisines which included eastern as well as western food.
There was a noodle station that cooked up assorted noodles with a choice of assorted garnishing and soups.
Something I ate that morning.
Mouth watering local delicacies
Chinese dishes
One of the many food stations
I tried everything that looked cute and nice.
I had a heavier than normal breakfast that morning and the food didn't disappoint.

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