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Penang Attraction: The Street Art Trail

An attraction not to be missed in Penang is its street art which became popular after a project called Mirrors George Town created in conjunction with George Town Festival 2012. This project was undertaken by a young Lithuanian artist by the name of Ernest Zacharevic who came up with a series of evocative paintings on the seasoned walls of the city's heritage buildings. Ever since I saw these paintings on pictures I loved them. It took me four years to finally see them live albeit much of the colours have faded and some, even peeled off. Street arts by other local and international artists have since sprung up to embellish the dull corners and weathered walls of the streets and small lanes of George Town. 
This painting of 'Two Children On A Bicycle' using a real bicycle as a prop is among the 9 murals painted by Ernest in George Town. You can find this on Armenian Street.
This 'Boy On A Motorbike' painted on a side door of an old building at Ah Quee Street is another piece of Ernest's artwork.
Ernest also painted this simple yet evocative piece called 'Reaching Up' with a wooden chair as a live prop. This boy can be made to 'come to live' if you know how to pose interactively with him.
Another very popular one among tourists is 'Two Children On A Swing' by a dumb and deaf artist, Louis Gan. The painting has obviously faded and I wonder whether only the swing will be left behind in years to come.
This 'Children playing basketball' at Gat Lebuh Chulia is another contribution by the talented Loius Gan.
Other than murals there are other genres of artwork to appreciate around the city.  A project called 'Marking George Town' was commissioned to a KL-based design company, 'Sculpture At Work' to create more than 50 steel rod caricatures all over George Town. A number of local artists and cartoonists were involved in this project and each caricature created has a story to tell which is unique to the street it is placed. These stories either speak of the localized history, culture or a lifestyle.
This caricature near Love Lane by cartoonist Tang Mun Kian is a cute one depicting a cheating husband. This is what it says..."The local Chinese say the rich men who lived on Muntri Steet kept their mistresses here, hence the name 'Ai Cheng Street' or Love Lane".
This large mural at a car park along Beach Street is a joint artwork by four local arists known as 4Some. This eye-popping masterpiece really liven up the otherwise quiet car park.

Going on a trail in search of George Town's street art can be a fulfilling experience. These art work are not concentrated in one particular area but are quite spread out. Some are located at the most unexpected of corners and finding them is like finding a little gem. By the way you can easily get maps showing where the famous ones are and the best way to go on this trail is on foot or on bicycles.

Posted below are other awesome artwork I discovered. Though I do not know the names of the artists, I really appreciate them for their creativity and talent.

Penang Street Art Photo Gallery
A girl making Kuih Kapit
It says here "Teach You How To Speak Hokkien" which is the main dialect spoken among the Chinese residents of Penang.
This is another brilliant piece that I like.
The 3 figures in cultural costumes are represented by the three main races living in Malaysia namely Malay, Chinese and Indian.
Whoa! It's an owl!
Wheels of all sizes.
It feels so cheery here!
Love this archway!
Buying some chocolates at the entrance of Chocolate And Coffee Museum.
At the entrance of Made In Penang 3-D Interactive Museum
Posing with wooden clogs my Mom and aunts used to wear once upon a time.
On a pull rickshaw used during days of old.
Taking a cuppa with the Chief Minister of Penang, Mr Lim Guan Eng.
At the lane leading to Grand Swiss Hotel, Lebuh Chulia.
"Mr Bean, let me push you bike."
At Love Lane

At Love lane

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