Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Hanoi Revisited.

Memories of the Old Quarter of Hanoi and its cute sounding streets are still vivid in our minds. We stayed in the Old Quarter and roamed its streets  just a little over three years ago and we are here again, this time not to visit the city's attractions as we have covered most of them during our previous trip. We are just transiting in Hanoi or the Old Quarter in particular before travelling to our ultimate destination, Sapa the following day.
There are certainly pros and cons about visiting a place more than once in such a short span. The con is we are no longer as excited as we were during our first visit. The eagerness to see what's at the corner of each street, what the street vendors sell, what the people eat and how they live is no longer there. On the other hand familiarity is a good thing. It makes us feel at home and walking the streets is now a breeze with no fear of getting lost despite the complex labyrinth of streets which makes up this old city.
Walking around the Old Quarter does bring back sweet nostalgia. It is very much the same as before and it is a place you can love and hate at the same time. The unending flow of motorbikes and incessant honking of vehicles irks you to the core. Many flout traffic rules and crossing the broader streets can be nightmarish here (though not as bad as in Ho Chi Minh City). On the contrary there is much vibrancy, the streets are colorful, the culture is unique and mouth-watering food can be found at every nook and corner.
Street paddlers are still actively plying the street on foot and on bicycles albeit fewer are seen this time around.

Hoàn Kiếm Lake is still as beautiful and the red bridge (Huc Bridge) across the lake to Ngoc Son temple is still as mesmerizing.

 It is still a city that pulsates through the night. A city that never sleeps.

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