Thursday, 21 December 2017

What And Where To Eat In Sapa, Vietnam

Staying in Sapa town does have its advantages, the main one being easy access to food. There are so many restaurants and food stalls in Sapa town, you will be spoiled for choice. With the exception of Western eats, it is not easy to find other multinational food as most restaurants serve mainly local Vietnamese/Sapa cuisines. I had a list of famous eateries prepared before my trip but I think it doesn't really matter even if you do not have one. Just try any food you see that whets your appetite  and patronize restaurants that appeal to the eyes. It can't go very wrong!

Below are some of the restaurants we visited and our review of the food served.

1. Good Morning Vietnam @ 63B Fansipan Street
Good Morning Vietnam is a restaurant with raved reviews from Tripadvisor. Located just a few doors from our hotel this small restaurant has a few famous signature dish. When asked whether the restaurant offers any tables with mountain view, the owner proudly replied."My restaurant has no views but it has very good food". 
We came here mainly for the chicken curry served in a whole coconut which is the restaurant's famous signature dish. The owner also recommends pork stew in dark sauce.
The chicken curry is first cooked and then poured into a coconut to be grilled. The curry has an interesting combination of vegetables, is quite unique in taste and quite deserving of its raved reviews. The other dish tasted good too.

2. Viet Discovery Restaurant aka Nha Hang Kham Pha Viet @ 15, Thac Son Street
This restaurant looks a bit quirky from the outside but it is apparently popular among 
the locals. It is famous for its hot pot and Thang Co (horse meat stew) among others.
We came here for the hot pot. Most staffs do not speak English but the menu is bilingual (Vietnamese and English) so it makes ordering easy.
There are a variety of hot pot but we decided on one with a mixture of meat which is the most expensive. There are chicken, beef and salmon in the main platter and other items like fresh herbs, tofu, mushrooms and rice rolls to accompany it.
Hot pots are available in many countries but we find the hot pot served here quite authentic. It must have been the herbs in the broth. We did enjoy this one!

3. Little Sapa @ 18, Cau May Street 
This restaurant offers budget meals (RM5 to RM10) and is a favourite among tourists.
We came here for its beef noodle soup (pho bo) and fried noodles. We'll rate this meal as 'just average', with the exception of the coffee which tasted excellent, the best in Sapa!

4. Anh Dung Restaurant @ 69 Xuan Vien Street
This restaurant was packed to the brim when we arrived for lunch. It is famous for Sapa Cap Nach Pork (roasted piglet).
The Cap Nach tasted weird but the small fried fish, which is a popular dish in Sapa is delicious.

5. 24 Restaurant @ 24, Fansipan Street
You can get value set meal at this restaurant even though we wouldn't rate the food as excellent.

6. Restaurants With Mountain View
If you wish to enjoy a meal or a cuppa in a restaurant with fantastic mountain view head for Fansipan Street. There are a number of restaurants along this street that offer unhindered views over the mountains and valley. One such restaurant is Cafe In The Cloud @ 60 Fansipan Street. The food is not fantastic but the view is!
Another place that offers great view over a meal is Song Anh Cafe at 65, Fansipan Street.


It is easy to find restaurants serving western meals but there are only two that offer halal food, namely Bombay Halal Restaurant @ 36, Cau May Street and the restaurant in Cosiana Hotel @ 57 Fansipan Street.

A few other food you can consider trying is the skewered food which is available along roadside stalls and a number of restaurants.
Bamboo sticky rice is also an authentic food of Sapa. The taste is rather bland unless eaten with a meaty dish.

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