Monday, 30 April 2018

Phoenix Ancient Town At Night: My Photo Gallery

As the evening twilight fades into darkness, the ancient town of Phoenix in Hunan Province transforms into a magical sight. Each and every monument starts to glow handsomely and the entire town is literally lit with a palette of glittering neon lights that adorn the pitch dark sky.  The Tuojiang River starts to glisten, mirroring the dazzling assemblage of luminescence from the buildings lining its banks and the bridges crossing it. It is indeed a mesmerizing spectacle and the town has deservedly earned the accolade as 'One of the most beautiful".

Walking the streets of Fenghuang during the day and at night are two totally different experiences. While it is quiet and serene during the earlier part of the day with shops yet to be opened, come night time the ambiance transformed to one that is bursting with life and energy. 

It is interesting to see a display of authentic food and how these food are being prepared. The choices for diners are unlimited.

Many snack and food businesses thrive on age old techniques and recipes that have been passed down for generations. 
There are many restaurants and small eateries offering mouth watering menus and many shops selling a diverse range of merchandise from women's apparels and souvenirs to liquor, foodstuffs and lots more.

But what attracts me most are the vintage architecture, the beautiful lights that lit them and the perfect reflection they made on the Tuojiang River.

And wow, what a bedazzling sight!

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