Friday 19 October 2018

Germany: A Lovely Encounter With Freising

Freising is a small town in the German state of Bavaria. Located about 45km north of Munich, Freising is considered quite insignificant as a tourist destination as there is 'nothing really much' to do there. It is however very near to Munich International Airport and is probably an ideal place to put up for visitors who are catching a morning flight out of Germany. I was there for the same reason, the airport being just a 10 minutes drive away. By the way I stayed in Munich Airport Marriot Hotel which I like very much. This hotel is located in a very quiet semi residential area but is close to a few of Freising's best attractions. 

Staying in Freising marks the end of my East Europe Tour. I was up early on the morning of my embarkation. Since I had three hours before checking out, I thought I should explore Freising a little. I know there is an interesting ancient square near the hotel but I had vague idea of getting there from a google map etched in my head.

Along the way I was greeted by the fragrance of roses that bloomed so beautifully outside some residential homes. It was 6.30am but there was not a soul in sight.

I must admit I have a mental handicap as far as getting the right direction is concerned. That's the main reason I often opt to travel with a partner but I was alone that morning.I took a wrong turn and ended up in a quiet road with a grand yellow building. It turned to be a blessing in disguise as this happens to be one of the oldest breweries in the world and I got to see it. The Hofbrauhaus-Keller is an 850 years old property belonging to the Hofbrauhaus brewery in Freising. Hofbrauhaus Freising dates from the 12th century, but the brewhouse is a 10th century heritage structure.

                     I passed by a a row of residential homes, some are very nice.

I finally found the shortcut to the place I wanted to visit. It is through a quiet park not too far from the hotel. There is a bear statue in this park. Apparently bear is the mascot of Freising and bear statues can be found everywhere.

I also came across the statue of a voluptuous woman across the park.

Following the direction of the bell tower which is noticeable from a distance it didn't take long before I found Marienplatz, a small ancient square located in Freising's Old Town. 

The square is petite but the buildings bordering it are charming. St Mary's column stands in the middle of the square. The town hall with a clock on its wall looks magnificent. St. George Church with its bell tower looms behind.

It was 7.05am but I was yet to see a single soul. Because of this I felt like I was walking in a deserted town.

Also bordering the square are restaurants and other buildings with beautiful architecture.

Marienplatz is the hub of the Old Town. Branching off the square is the town's longest and main street. Though small this town is quite complete, with a hotel, department store, pharmacy, candy shop, bars, restaurants, etc.

The medieval buildings are built in a range of diverse designs and painted in a palette of vibrant colours.

There was no activity or sign of life and I practically had the whole town to myself but it didn't feel scary or spooky.

In the vicinity of the town are rows of residential houses.

The flowers creeping out of windows that adorn the facade are very irresistible.

After a while I felt that I've seen enough and snaked through the quiet lanes back to the park and the road leading to Marriot Hotel. I haven't heard of Freising before but my encounter with it was lovely. 

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