Friday, 26 April 2019

Glimpses Of Nha Trang, Vietnam

Nha Trang is the 7th Vietnamese city I visited. It is located more towards the southern part of Vietnam on the eastern coast facing South China Sea. It is quite a big city with an airport and a seaport of its own. Its setting is typically modern with many contemporary high rises. I have to admit my first impressions of it were not as great as the other Vietnamese cities I'd visited as my penchant is always for destinations that exude an ambiance that is unique and more cultural. Anyway I discovered that the city does have a long list of attractions that are worthy of a visit. 

The beaches and sea form part of Nha Trang's major attractions. The city also boasts of a long promenade ideal for a leisure stroll or simply hanging out to listen to the sea waves. There are many modern shopping malls, a few night markets and plenty of hotels. There are also many small islands off its coast, the most famous being the resort island of Vinpearl where an amusement park has been set up. There are some prominent historical places of worship and natural attractions like hot springs and waterfalls if you'd care to travel miles into its outskirt.

You can see glimpses of Nha Trang through some of these images.
@ The city centre

A typical street

Nha Trang's most iconic building, Tram Huong Tower.

@ The promenade

The beach @ the edge of the city

@ The beach park near my hotel

Beautiful waves

@ The seashore facing Vinpearl Island

 Night market by the beach

Night Market Stall

Night City View

Coastal Line of Nha Trang

Cathedral with clock tower

@ Isena Hotel where I stayed

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