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* Casa Del Rio , Melaka

Casa Del Rio which in Spanish means "Home By A River" is literally built  beside the Melaka River. Rated No 1 out of 110 hotels in Melaka by Tripadvisor, Casa Del Rio is relatively new as it was opened only in May 2011.
There are 66 rooms in this 4 storey property. Just opposite this hotel is the ferry station where tourists thronged by the hundreds to take river cruises. Its location which is just a stone's throw to Jonker Street and other historical sites in Melaka are probably among factors that contribute to its high rating.
The hotel has 2 main facades. This one faces the Melaka River.
The other facade faces a not so happening part of Melaka. (some small shops and a residential area)
I stayed here during the Chinese New Year. When we arrived, the floor was littered with remains of fire crackers. The Lion Dance Troupe has just performed at the hotel lobby and left. CNY decorations were seen displayed at the main hotel entrance. 
We wanted to register at the reception counter but were instead ushered to a more comfortable lounge by the Lago (portuguese word for lake).See picture below.
There are 8 of such lounges around the lago.
This leaf with the name of guest inscribed, and lemon grass-flavored ice balls were our welcome treat. There certainly is a personal touch here.
The lago which is located on the ground floor is visible from the hotel lobby and from the corridors of all the 4 floors.
We stayed in Studio King. Measuring 61 square metres it is bigger than the normal deluxe room (only 50 sq metres).
 The room decor is a mix of Mediterranean and Peranakan.
Instead of fruits, we were given  complimentary traditional local kueh called onde-onde which is already placed in the room when we checked-in.
 This closet, positioned immediately after the entrance provides storage space for luggage and hanging space for clothes.
The closet is connected to the bathroom and guests will find this setting very convenient.
The bathtub is big, deep and it sparkling white. Just beside it is a sliding window that overlooks the bedroom.
The unique feature of the room is the connectivity of the closet, the bathroom, the hallway and the bedroom as they are all interlinked. I find this design very tasteful.
 There's a separate shower cubicle. Bath towels are exceptionally huge and heavy. The bathrobes are also huge.
These are the bath amenities provided.
You can see the bathroom from the bed if you keep the sliding window open.
There's a flat screen TV. Notice also the shelf attached to the wall. This is another nice feature of the room especially for people who likes to bring a lot of things and accessories.
There is a mini bar.
There are coffee and tea making facilities. 
Usage of internet is complimentary.
The lounge space with comfortable sofas.
The room opens out to a balcony. 
A room with a river view should be the best choice.
There is a public walkway just beside the hotel. At times members of the public are seen streaming into the lobby and lago area to take photographs. This, I find is a setback as the crowd can intrude into the privacy of the hotel guests.
The hotel lobby.
The lobby lounge.
Beautiful pictures mostly depicting Peranakan lifestyle are hung here and there to adorn the hotel.
The River Cafe is also opened to members of the public.
The River Grill is the main F&B outlet in the hotel. We had our breakfast here.
Inside The River Grill
Having breakfast at the terrace of the restaurant.
The hotel swimming pool is located on the 3rd floor (highest floor). The length of the pool faces the east and the west making it hard to swim as the sun shines strongly into the eyes. Furthermore it closes by 7pm.
There is also a gym if you want to workout.
There is a cosy library on the ground floor. There are not much reading materials though.
The library is locked all the time. To access the library the guests will have to use the room key. Computers and internet are available and usage is complimentary.
The best thing about the library are the complimentary beverages and snacks.
and tit-bits like these...
And since it was Chinese New Year, mandarin oranges were on the house as well.
Having stayed here, I think Casa Del Rio is quite worthy of its No 1 rating. Except for the lack of exclusiveness and privacy for hotel guests at the ground floor I find the hotel beautiful and staying here convenient. The service though not superb, is above average. 


Chris said...

I think it is overpriced, no? Room looks rather normal for that price.

Lily... said...

Overpriced is quite a subjective term here, Chris. The room is actually quite nice.

Tom said...

Fantastic post Lily! Do check out our coverage of Casa Del Rio Melaka as well!

Happy Travels Everyone!


Lily... said...

After 3 years I almost forgot about Casa Del Rio. I read through my post again and then yours and fond memories of this place just came back to me. So Tom I should thank you too.

Bobby Ertanto said...

Finally I stayed in this hotel. It was fantastic staycation stay at Casa Del Rio. I think this is the best hotel that located in center of Melaka Heritage City.

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