Friday, 24 February 2012

* Maxims Genting, Genting Highlands

I went up to Genting Highlands again; this time to get away from the sweltering heat at home.
I chose the wrong time to go though. It was a Malaysian public holiday which coincided with the hotel peak season. Finding a parking lot was a nightmare. Resorts World which owned all the 5 hotels at the peak of Genting practised a free and 'first come first-served' parking for hotel guests as well as day trippers. No priority is given to hotel patrons whatsoever.
This chart taken from the hotel website may be able to help you plan your trip there. Avoid going during the peak and super peak season for a few reasons:
               i) the hotel rate is a lot higher
              ii) parking difficulty
             iii) over-crowding in eateries, theme parks, and the hotel itself.
For those who use public transport (buses and the skyway)it can be equally nightmarish. I was told just a day before the day I went, many vehicles were not even allowed to drive up the peak due to traffic congestion. These vehicles had to to make a detour to the skyway station and passengers had to take the cable cars up.
This photo was taken on 6Feb. There were probably more than a thousand passengers waiting to get into the cable cars. It was probably worse on the 5thFeb(super peak)
This is the chart displayed on 6Feb 2012. You can see that all 5 hotels at the peak of Genting were fully booked. On the day I checked-in the rate of a premier room at Maxims Genting was RM770 per night. (peak season rate) One day before this the rate was RM990 per night (super peak season). On the day I left the rate dropped to RM550 (low season)
This is the hotel reception. Checking-in was smooth.
This is the majestic-looking ceiling at the hotel lobby.
I had to take this photo (at the hotel lobby) in the early morning as there were so many people hanging out here at other times.
This is the lobby lounge.
 Live orchids were placed to adorn the lobby area.
We stayed in the Premier Room.
The room is a lot bigger than the one in First World Hotel (see my earlier posting). Though not extravagant, the furnishing and fittings are definitely  better than the ones in First World Hotel.
The washroom is positioned next to the entrance.
  On the opposite side is the closet and coffee making area.
The washroom is spacious. There is a bath-tub...
 a separate shower room.....
    bath amenities.....
   and magazines to keep you occupied...
The closet is rather small with limited space to hang your clothes and store your things.There's bathrobes,iron and ironing board...
There's complimentary coffee and tea...
complimentary fruits and mineral water...
There's a mini-bar. All the stuffs are not complimentary though.
There's a safety box...
There's a flat-screen tv and a dressing table. There's no internet access or wifi here.
This is the entrance to the swimming pools.
There are a few heated pools with different sizes and different depths. 
    The swimming pool area is enclosed and covered.
This is the entrance to the spa and gym.
This is the spa boutique, displaying and selling its spa products.
There's also a gym if you want to work-out.
This is the entrance to the main hotel restaurant.
We had breakfast here. The food station are well-spaced and the restaurant itself is very spacious.The food is not great though.
This is the hallway where the lifts are located.
It gets cold and misty toward the late evening.
By 9am in the morning the mist are all cleared up.
The 5 hotels are somewhat linked with each other through covered walkways and escalators.
The indoor theme park at First World Plaza is easily accessible.
The outdoor theme park is also in the vicinity.
Surrounding the hotels are shops and restaurants.
Maxims Genting actually merges with Highlands Hotel. There don't seem to be any boundaries as these hotels are owned by the same company.
This hotel is a bit pricey and I wouln't recommend it if all you want to do is to enjoy the theme parks etc.

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Blueboy said...

Thanks do much. I was planning to go holiday in Genting Highlands and your reviews and tips are very useful indeed.

Lily... said...

Do enjoy yourself there.

TanHK57 said...

Thank you for the review and photos. It is going to be helpful. I notice there is one hotel in the chart not mentioned. Awana Hotel?? How about that one? If you know anything about it.

Lily... said...

I stayed in Awana many many years ago. I remember the room comes with a jacuzzi and the pool is heated. It's a great resort, suitable for a family getaway.It's not as cold during the night as its half way up the hill. You can drive up or take the skyway cable if you wish to visit the theme parks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily

It's nice of you to provide this information. It helped me a lot to decide a choice of hotel at Genting.



Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

Isn't it difficult to stay at Awana if you have more activities down near the theme parks? Is there time limit of the skyway cable to be available especially if we plan to watch the freeze show in the genting international showroom?

Lily... said...

Dear Anonymous,
If you need to take the skyway, do watch out for at certain times of the year, it is closed for maintenance.The best is to get a schedule from available websites regarding Awana Skyway operation hours and maintenance closure.Anyway you can consider other mode of transport like taking a cab perhaps?
Have a pleasant trip!

Anonymous said...


Is it free to use the pool and the gym there?

Lily... said...

It's free for hotel patrons.

winnie suet said...

Normally went the shoulder season its expensive the maxims room??

Lily... said...

The table I put up is valid only for the year concerned. If you are a foreigner, do look up the Malaysian Calender to know when the school holidays, public holidays and festive holidays are.

winnie suet said...

Thanks^^!!I got a question,the swimming pool its can just wear t-shirt and short pan or must wear the swimming shirt???

Lily... said...

There is a caretaker at the pool. To be frank I do not know whether he'll allow you to swim with shorts and T shirts. Better bring your swimsuit along. Enjoy your stay!

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