Sunday, 13 January 2013

Kelong Paradise Waterfront Resort: Part 1 (About The Kelong, Getting There & Booking)

My family members have of late, developed a craze for angling. Weekends would frequently be spent fishing at a nearby pond and counting the catch of the day has become lives' little joys.
I have to admit I am personally not an angler but I am absolutely involved in this angling activity - from  buying the baits and reading up about fishing spots to preparing light meals and snacks.
While scouting around for places to fish, I came across Kelong Paradise Waterfront Resort which is located 15 nautical miles off the coast of Sabak Bernam.  We have never fished in the deep sea and I have always wanted to visit a kelong so that was how I ended up booking a 24 hour fishing package there.

This kelong is owned by the Selangor State Government but leased out to a 'Datuk Abu Hassan B Said' (as told to me by one of the jetty staff). 
It took an approximate  3hrs drive to reach the jetty from the Klang Valley and another 20 minutes boat ride to reach the kelong from the jetty.
This is a summary of the route we took. Hope it is of help if you are travelling from the Klang Valley.
Upon reaching the Sungai Besar traffic light, head 6km towards the Sabak Bernam direction till you reach another traffic light. Immediately turn left and drive 11km before you reach Kampong Nelayan BNO. The jetty is just there - you won't miss it.
There was no telephone line at the jetty and all calls were made via mobiles. Sad to say, the kelong was not that professionally run. The official website was hardly informative. Even though a number of contact numbers were listed on the website most were out of service. After many calls I finally got through and made my booking.
We parked our vehicle around the jetty area which was neither gated nor guarded. Parking was free and I was told "safe".
There were a few types of fishing packages and the rates as exhibited at the jetty are shown above. I booked a 24 hour fishing package which included a two-way boat transfer from the jetty to the kelong, a 24 hours fishing "right", 3 main meals and 2 light meals. For that I paid RM170/pax.
The fishing packages did not include accommodation. Seen here are the rates for the various available accommodation. 
I  booked a room which cost RM300/day. (which is already a discounted price)
I was told to bank in 50% of the booking fees into the proprietor's private account and I did just that. There was no booking or confirmation number. Neither was there a receipt or acknowledgement via e-mail. The only proof of payment was the CIMB Bank slip and the SMSes I exchanged with the management. I was told to show proof of payment at the jetty as the record of my payment was not there. (Fortunately I brought the bank slip and kept the SMSes as proof of payment) That was how "professional" the resort was run.
Seen docking at the jetty here, is the boat that took us to the kelong.
The boat leaving the jetty.
The sea was rough and we were quite wet when we reached the kelong.
The kelong in view. It looked quite seasoned with the paints fast fading and peeling.
We finally arrived at the kelong.

Useful Information:
Jetty Address: Jeti Bagan Nakhoda Omar, Sungai Air tawar, 45299 Sabak Bernam
H/p of Jetty Manager, En Zainal Abidin:  017-5277715

To know more about the accommodation and the fishing package please click:



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