Sunday, 13 January 2013

Kelong Paradise Waterfront Resort: Part 2 (The Accommodation)

As mentioned in the prequel to this post, accommodation is not included in the fishing package at Kelong Paradise. Many anglers prefer to fish all night and opt not to rent a room or a bed. Preferring to get a good sleep in total privacy, I booked a room. The Kerapu/Jenahak Room you see on the menu here is labelled as Sekendi Executive on the actual room door (see picture below) and that was the room I booked.
All accommodation are located on the highest deck of the kelong.
The rooms are located on the left hand side of the hallway while the dormitories are on the right.
I felt  shortchanged upon seeing the room. Whether it is RM348 or RM300, it is way too expensive for all the shortcomings that come with it. It is definitely a far cry from even a 1-star or 2-star hotel room as for that rate I could have rented a room with 5 star facilities in some 5 star hotels.
I am giving you solid reasons why you should not pay so much for a room like this.
1. The bed is seasoned and so are the bed sheet and bedspread. I was expecting crisp, white bed sheet and pillow cases with proper blanket but I see otherwise and that too with bed linen that comes in different mismatched floral designs. There is a sofa bed for a 3rd person but once again it looked so seasoned I was wondering how much bed bugs have gathered. Fortunately I brought a bed sheet from home.
2. Even though there is a fan, an air-conditioner and a TV,  you won't be able to use them during the daytime as there is no electric supply. (The generator is only switched on from 7pm till 9am) You can't take a nap or rest here during the day as it is too humid without the air-cond. Neither are you able to charge your handphone or camera. So why pay so much for a room which you can't use most time of the day? The generator was only switched on at 7.50pm and by 8am it was already off. (Once again, we were shortchanged)  
3. There is a small cupboard with only 2 hangers. Since we got wet during the boat ride we needed more hanging space and hangers. It was disappointing not to find that.
Ended up hanging our things all over.

4. The washroom is tiny and not well fitted. It is totally dark when you close the door as the light isn't functioning during the day.  Have to shower with the door opened to get the light in. 
5. The sink is tiny and it is wobbly. There is hardly space to wash-up properly as there is a big tub of water placed next to it.
6. The only things provided are 2 bath towels and 1 toilet roll. There is no mineral water, soap, or bath amenities.
7. It is a good thing that the windows can be opened to allow fresh sea air in but the absence of an opaque curtain makes the room too glaring and that's also the reason why you won't be able to nap here in the day time.
8. The maintenance of the room is found wanting from house-keeping to unsightly wallpapers like this.  Only visible areas on the floor are swept. The hidden corners are quite dirty.

An alternative to the room are the dormitories. This is the woman's dorm. 1 bed or rather 1 mattress costs RM50 (weekday) or RM100 (weekend). So judge for yourself whether it is value for money accommodation.
This is the men's dorm.
This is the shared washroom for dorm occupants. There is a separate one for man and women.

This is the shower room.
This is the toilet. 
A viable alternative would be to set up your own tent on the lower or middle deck. If the tent is positioned to face the sea, not only would you be getting your privacy, you can also enjoy the sea breeze and it is absolutely free.
To know more about the kelong, getting there and booking and the fishing package please click to read these related posts.


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