Thursday 26 December 2013

Sikkim Travel Part 11: Gangtok Photo Gallery

These are 17 photos of Gangtok to add to the collection which I've already posted in Sikkim Travel Part 1 to Part 10.  Gangtok, with its unique landscape and vibrant colors will definitely be etched in my memory for a long long time.
Houses at the edge of a cliff.
A unique landscape
Fanciful lorries
Directorate of Sikkimese Handicrafts and Handlooms
Curio Craft Gallery
Beautiful views everywhere.
Colorful flags fluttering 
Some American influence seen here.
Need a lot of stamina to walk the streets in Gangtok
A football field ?? This is gem to the Sikkimese
Fire Station
English is used as a medium in most schools.
Guess where this is taken? Outside the Legislative State Assembly Building.
The smallest shop I've ever seen. It's only 2 feet wide.
An evening in Gangtok
While walking along a street, you can suddenly find shops underground.
A budget hotel

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