Saturday, 1 February 2014

Hatyai: Chokdee Dim Sum

There is a famous place for dim sum in Hatyai. Chokdee which is located at 58/25 Lamaisongkrew Road can easily be accessed by tuk-tuks for 20baht per person if you are coming from the city centre. Just mention Chokdee Dim Sum to any tuk-tuk driver and he'll know the place for sure.
This place is often packed with tourists as well as the locals. It is opened for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
The dim sum are prepared inside but are steamed outside the shop.
Each dish costs 16baht. The system here is different from dim sum outlets in Malaysia and Hong Kong where a variety of already steamed dim sum are brought to your table to be chosen. Over here it is choose the dishes you want first and they'll be steamed and brought to your table.
This restaurant also serves bak kut teh. The dim sum are not as nice as the ones in Malaysia but the bak kut teh is compatible. This herbal soup is served with very nice crispy yu char kueh.

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Loudy said...

What a beautiful galerie

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