Saturday, 1 February 2014

Swensen's Ice Cream in Hatyai

Swensen's is a global chain of ice cream restaurants that started in San Francisco. It's not easy to find a Swensen's outlet in KL but in Hatyai you can find it in almost every shopping mall. It is probably the No 1 ice cream in Thailand.
A Swensen's Outlet in Central Festival
The Trademark
The charming lamps
The creative menu
Special Christmas menu
The hurricane
Topless 5
I do not like ice creams but Swensen's is an exception, reason being Swensen's ice cream is not very sweet. It is also pleasantly creamy and tasty.  My choice from the menu was the Chocolate fondue - an ice cream and fruit platter that comes with 1 bowl of  hot melted chocolate.

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