Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Orchid Farm Of Genting Highland.

I often lament at the lack of eco-activities in Genting Highland. Think Genting and what probably come to mind are casinos, noisy theme parks, fun parks, etc. This trip is somewhat different for us as we decided not to make our way to the peak. Other than the cold climate which provides relief from the humidity at home, there is nothing much we look forward to at the peak. For accommodation, we stayed in Awana, located mid-way up the hill. Awana is a quieter getaway with a resort setting. While we were staying in Awana, we learnt there is an orchid farm nearby.
Waltec Biotec is an orchid farm that specialises in phalaenopsis (moth orchids) and has been in existence since January 2009. How come I didn't know about this place before, I wonder. The signboard to the farm is not right, as the farm is in Gotong Jaya not Ulu Yam. Ulu yam is where the first farm is located.
The farm is not visible from the main road and the small road leading to the farm is not that obvious either. Here's a map of its actual location.
Spanning over an area of 1.6 acres, this farm is open 7 days a week from 9am to 5pm. Entrance is free.
There is one section where seedlings are cultivated. This place is out of bound. 
         There is another section that sells floral arrangement.
The most beautiful section is the one that sells orchid plants in full bloom.

Delicate, exotic, graceful, ..... the beauty is beyond description.

I hope I have posted enough photographs to keep your eyes feasted.

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