Tuesday, 15 July 2014

The Strawberry and Mushroom Leisure Park of Genting Highland.

The Strawberry and Mushroom Leisure Park is located at Gohtong Jaya, about halfway before reaching the peak of Genting Highland. You may want to add this place to your itinerary if you are visiting Genting Highland for the first time.
The strawberry farm came into existence only a couple of years ago. It wasn't there during my previous trips.

Strawberries are grown in poly bags and effort is being made to expand the size of this farm to the neighboring empty land.
I remember going to a strawberry farm in Adelaide where you eat all you want in the farm for free and are charged only on strawberries taken out but over here there is strict warning about eating it even though you get to pick the strawberries you want to buy.
This park spans over a big area and a lot other things are available for sale. Honey is one of them.
There are lots of souvenir items too.
One section of the park is made to look like a shopping street.
More Malaysian food products available to bring home.
The flowering plants and vegetables section has been downsized though.
After weaving in and out you will arrive at the mushroom farm.
These mushrooms are for sale too.

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