Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Pulau Perhentian Part 2: Kuala Besut, The Jetty Town.

After a very long drive, we finally arrived at Kuala Besut. 
Kuala Besut is a small sleepy town with just a few rows of shops. Our arrival was immediately noticed as  a tout was already trailing us with his motorbike to sell us boat tickets. He was persistent and irritating alright refusing to leave us alone even though we told him we were not interested.  
By the way a return speed boat ticket to Pulau Perhentian costs RM70/pax and can be purchased from a number of travel agents in this jetty town. There is no need to pre-book your tickets from home as there are many boats leaving the jetty to Pulau Perhentian. Departure time is not fixed as a boat will leave when it is full. Other than tourists, residents of the islands also take these boats to commute between the town and the islands.
As long as you arrive at the jetty not too late in the evening (before 5pm) you should be able to get a boat easily. 
We made our way to Shari-La's office as we had pre-booked our stay in Shari-La Resort in Pulau Perhentian Kecil. A staff ushered us to their ticketing agent [to buy speed boat tickets]  just across the road.
Our boat tickets were purchased from the travel agent here. We also got the agent to recommended us a reliable parking vendor where we could park our vehicle safely. Parking rate is RM 10 per day. 
(Caution: Do not park your vehicle on public roads as there is high risk of theft and vandalism).

 It was lunch time and we went scouting for a decent meal before departing the jetty.

The jetty is within the town area, a short walking distance from where we parked our vehicle.

There is a compulsory marine park conservation charge of RM5 (adults) and RM2 (children) before boarding the boat. 
This is the speed boat we board.

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