Tuesday 5 August 2014

Pulau Perhentian Part 5: Snorkelling Around The Islands.

It was too good to be true. Shari La Island Resort which I was staying in offers a 5 hour snorkelling trip for only RM30 per person. The trip includes a stop over at the fishermen's village for lunch which is one of the places I'd wish to see during this Perhentian Island Trip. 
We were not visiting only one but 6 different venues, four of which I have circled on the map above. The other two are the Lighthouse and Romantic Beach which are very near to Shari La Resort. This is a worthwhile trip as I would have a chance to see the waters around the big island even though I am staying in the small island.
It was a super hot day but we came prepared applying sun block with very high SPF and wore attires that would not expose our backs. The boatman sped from one venue to the other with total ease as he is a local residing in the fisherman's village & has been in this business most of his life.

I am doing underwater photography for the first time and that was as exciting as the snorkelling itself.
These are the some of the photos I snapped.

PS: If you are just snorkelling around the resort beaches, you also get to see beautiful fishes, albeit fewer in numbers. See photos below.


JebadZ said...

May I know, are you using your own underwater camera/go pro or provided by the boatman? perhaps a DSLR with underwater casing?

Lily... said...

My own camera.

Matthew Wong said...

Hi Lily, may I know if it is better to go with the full board package or just book a room and do everything on my own? How much does it cost to get from Kuala Besut to Perhentian on the boat? I am planning a trip next year in March so looking for the best affordable way to get there. Thank you.

Lily... said...

It's cheaper to book a room and search for own food. There are a number of restaurants where you can get a meal for less than RM10. About the ferry fare please read Pulau Perhentian Part 2.

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