Saturday, 21 February 2015

Sri Lanka Travel Pt 10: Sightseeing In Negombo

It was my last day in Sri Lanka. I was going to take the 4.30pm flight home that day and I took the opportunity to do some sightseeing in Negombo enroute to the airport as this coastal town is just nearby.
My first destination was Negombo Fish Market. The best time to visit the market is early morning when big boats would come back with their catch and fish auctioning would be carried out on the beach. We arrived at noon, by which time the interesting activities were all over.  Anyway, here are the leftovers.
We did see lots of fish being sun dried on mats at the beach.
This is probably a fisherman's catch. There were a few of each variety and the fisherman was trying to sell them at the marketplace.
I have never seen these fish in any market before. They look beautiful but I wonder how they taste like.
I would probably buy this home to try if I stay in Negombo.
The seas and lagoon in Negombo are famous for lobsters, crabs and prawns.
You'll be surprised at how big this fish (in the middle) is.
Tadaa!  See how big the fish is?
And that's how fish are usually sold in the markets here. (I've been to three since coming to Sri Lanka)
This man is selling jack fruit outside the market.
This is Negombo Harbour.
We made a pit stop at Old Dutch Fort which was built in 1672. Only remnants of the fort are seen and this tower is part of it. 
We visited St Mary's Church which was built in 1874 and completed 50 years later in 1922. This is the largest and the most famous Roman Catholic church in Negombo.
St Mary's Church Exterior
St Mary's Church - a solid colonial building.
Inside St Mary's Church
Inside St Mary's Church
There are over 20 Roman Catholic churches in Negombo and the majority of residents are Roman Catholics. This is St Sebastian's Church. We stopped just to have a look from outside as time was not on our side.
The compound of a Catholic Church.
A school event
The streets in Negombo tend to be quieter.
A nice souvenir shop

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