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Sri Lanka Travel Pt 7: The Journey From Galle To Balapitiya

These are some of the interesting places I visited during my journey to and back from Galle.
1. Dodanduwa Fish Harbour
If you have been following my blog, you'd know that I love visiting markets. Dodanduwa Harbour is a place where fishermen dock their boats after returning from the ocean with the day's catch. It is also a market as some of these fishermen would spread their catch on the ground and sell them to interested buyers.
Ron decided to wait in the van while I walked around. I felt a little uneasy as the people here were all men and they were looking at me as though I was an alien so I left the harbour without walking further towards the sea.

2. Jetwing Lighthouse Hotel
Jetwing Lighthouse Hotel is located at the edge of Galle town. I visited this hotel just for one thing and that is to see the unique staircase.
Anyone who comes here will be awestruck by the artistic display of warrior-like metallic sculptures at the entrance staircase all the way up to the first floor. These sculptures depict the historical entry of Portuguese explorers into Galle during the 16th century. 

3.Hikkaduwa Beach 
Sri Lanka is endowed with stunning beaches with fine golden sand that sinks easily when you walk on it.  Hikkaduwa Beach (above) is among the better beaches in Sri Lanka.

4. Seenigama Temple
We stopped by to view Seenigama Temple which is perched on a little island in the sea. You will need a boat to get there.

5. Tsunami Photo Museum, Tsunami Memorial, Ruined Houses
Sri Lanka was hard hit by the 2004 tsunami. About 40,000 perished on that fateful day, another 800,000 were left homeless and 90,000 buildings destroyed. We visited a photo museum in Telwatta that tells the sad stories.
This building which houses the museum is a modest place, itself being partially destroyed by the huge waves that had it immersed.
It's a unique museum with nothing else except photos many of which have started to fade.
Travelling along the beach road one can see remnants of hundreds of houses and buildings that have been ruined by the tsunami. Some rebuilt their houses but for some,  the memory of that disaster was too painful to bear and have decided to abandon their houses to start life anew somewhere else.
Another ruined home
A memorial was constructed by the roadside near the beach to commemorate those who perished.
After the tsunami, a huge statue of Buddha, was erected facing the Indian ocean. The Sri Lankans who are predominantly Buddhist believe this statue will be their 'protector' against future catastrophes.

6. Moonstone Mine At Meetiyagoda
Sri Lanka is famous for precious stones. We visited a moonstone mine mine in Meetiyagoda where not only moonstones but other precious stones are mined.
A moonstone among sand 
Other precious stones
The polished products are exhibited in the showroom and are for sale.

7. Ariyapala Mask Museum, Ambalagoda.
Ambalagoda is famous for its masks. We visited one of the most popular mask museum in Ambalagoda.
The masks are used in healing rituals, in procession and festivals and in traditional folktale performances.
Tourist would buy the masks as home decors.

8. Coastal Towns
We passed through many coastal towns along the journey and see the lifestyle of the locals. 

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