Saturday, 9 May 2015

Jalan Alor, The Famous Food Street In Kuala Lumpur

Ever tried dining at Jalan Alor? Running parallel to Jalan Bukit Bintang, this food street is just a short walk to KL's major shopping hot spots. 
Though not a very happening street during the day, come evening it is totally transformed. Lanterns criss-crossing the street are all lighted up and shops comprising mostly restaurants are now in full swing.  Plastic tables and chairs for diners fill the walkways with many even spilling to the road leaving just a narrow path for vehicles to pass through.

This is not a place where tour agents will normally bring their tourists to but it is definitely a place to experience a food culture unique to Malaysia.
If you have finally made your way to dine here, you will be left stunned initially. This is because there are so many restaurants and in each restaurant there are so many stalls selling so many types of food not to mention the street vendors who have also pushed their food carts to the street.  The look of each dish is enticing and the aroma that fills the air so alluring, you will really be spoilt for choice here. 
Here, you get almost the full range of cuisines authentic to Malaysia be it a one-dish meal, an appetizer or a rice meal complete with dishes of your choice.
There are also cuisines of other countries, in particular Thai and Vietnamese.

This is not a place where you need to dine in style with a napkin on the lap and exercising your fine dining etiquette. It's OK to enjoy your meals and litter the table a little with crab shells, fish bones, etc. The food is reasonably priced at KL rate (sorry Taiping folks, we can't get food as cheap as in your lovely town though) and for those who come from countries using USD, AUD, SD or Euros you can really eat like a king. The good news is, it's a non-tipping society here.
Sometimes there's a carnival-like atmosphere at Jalan Alor. Any Tom, Dick and Harry can perform a stunt or sing songs to entertain restaurant guests with the hope to eke out some offerings from appreciative and generous spectators. Some even perform in the middle of the street and are totally unmindful of drivers who need to drive their vehicles through.
A passing vehicle will usually have to inch its way through this busy street.

Below are glimpses of roadside stalls you'd see along the street.
A roadside vendor with assorted skewered food.
Fruit in season.
A Turk selling Turkish ice-cream
Bak-kua or barbecued meat is a non-halal delicacy.
 Assorted cakes
There are also stalls selling non-food items and this certainly add to the carnival-like atmosphere in the street.

Food recommendation for 1st time foreign tourists:
1.  Satay with the peanut sauce
2.  Barbecued skewered chicken wings
3. Assorted Seafood Grills; The popular ones include Ikan Pari Bakar (grilled stingray), 
    Sotong Bakar (grilled squids)
4. Oyster Omelette
5  Char Kway Teow ( Malaysian version of Pad Thai)
6.  Spring Rolls (popia)
7.  Claypot chicken rice
8.  Fried Hokkien Noodles
9.  Dishes to eat with a rice meal -There are countless. Just look at the prepared menus.



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