Sunday, 24 May 2015

Review Of Absolute Thai, IOI City Mall

Absolute Thai is a chain of Thai restaurants that claims to serve authentic Thai food. To date there are 3 branches in Johor and about 10 branches spread out around the Klang Valley. I was getting a dinner treat at Absolute Thai in IOI CIty Mall and I was naturally delighted as Thai cuisines has always been a top favourite. The thought of that exotic blend of sweet, tangy and spicy flavour coupled with the aromatic fragrance of herbs and leaves in Thai food can even make me drool.
To start with, diners can choose to dine inside the restaurant or out in the open, next to the busy walkway. We didn't like the idea of passers-by peeping into our table so we chose a place inside. Business was brisk that day and the restaurant was quite packed. I didn't particularly like the ambiance and I was skepticle of the food initially.
There are more than 70 dishes to choose from the menu. The dishes come in only one standard serving portion (no small,medium or large) and this may be a challenge for diners that comes as a twosome or a larger group of 5 for instance. We ordered this mango salad that comes with a crispy snack. Very unique I thought, especially the crispy snack that accompanies it. We are supposed to crush the snack and mix it into the salad. Taste wise, I would rate it an 'A'.
The spicy Tom Yam soup with prawns and seafood didn't fare that well. It was just like 'any' other tom yam soup in a nearby eatery.  I'll rate this a 'B+'. We came in a group of five and had a small bowl each (with refill) but I wonder how I could finish it if we came as a twosome. 
The green curry was fragrant and flavorful and I enjoyed it very much. This deserves an 'A'.
The 'Kangkung stir fried with belacan' tasted excellent but it is not worth ordering this dish as it is pretty expensive considering a big bunch of kangkung only costs RM1 from the market. (Taste Rating: A) 
The Pandan Leaf Chicken comes in six pieces and this is one of the best pandan chicken I've tasted. The chicken is very well marinated and taste wise very authentic. (Rating: A)
We ordered one plate of pineapple fried rice to share. With the other dishes tasting so savoury, this fried rice is definitely 'overpowered'. (Rating: B+)
The beverages range from RM3 for a small bottle of mineral water to RM12.90 for a variety of blended iced drinks. We ordered the lemongrass juice (RM8.90) but for the price paid it was a letdown. It was not thick and fragrant enough. I was just joking with my fellow diners that for RM1 of lemongrass from the market, I could come up with 10 glasses of better tasting lemon grass juice. (Come to think of it I am actually not joking). This meal which we enjoyed came close to RM200. Food bill is subject to 10% service charge and 6% govn. tax. That's on the expensive side, considering the average ambiance and setting of the restaurant. But the food is flavorful and authentic alright!

Absolute Thai
LG-67, Lower Ground Floor,
IOI City Mall,
Lebuh IRC,
IOI Resort City
62502 Putrajaya
Tel: 03-89538205

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