Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Shopping In Venice

Venice with its myriads of lovely and quality products is a shopper's paradise especially for die hard shoppers with an insatiable hunger for all things authentic. 
Even taking leisurely strolls, walking in and out of shops, gazing and admiring at the things on display is one heavenly and fun thing to do here.
Shops at St Mark's Square
Visitors will find a mix of shops catering to shoppers with a variety of budgets. There are the upper end boutiques selling mostly designer labels and very refined crafts, the mid-range shops and the lower end shops which include open-air stalls on walkways leading to St Mark's Square.  Overall, the items are fair-priced and it is a good place to grab a couple of authentic things to bring home as souvenirs.
Shops in a quieter "backstreet"
A very busy shopping area at Rialto.
Open air stall beside the Grand Canal
Venice has a great history of craftsmanship and produces local crafts which are hard to get anywhere else. Some products authentic to Venice include the Murano glassware.
The crafts are normally pricey so if you find anything too cheap it is good to check whether they are 'made in China'. 
There's also the delicate lace and linen from Burano.
The Carnival Masks are very popular items on display.
These paper mache masks are hand painted with many designs.
All types of souvenirs are available in this shop.
 Trinkets and every other thing sold in this shop are blue in colour.
Don't know whether these are as good as Swiss watches.

1 EUR each? These are probably not Venitian made souvenirs.
You do not see huge departmental stores in Venice and most shops tend to be small but not devoid of sprightly d├ęcor and allure.
Mouth watering local delights available here.
Sweet stuff especially from Burano are among items authentic to Venice.
Open air stalls tend to be be cheaper.

These are some items I found at the "backstreets" behind St Mark's Square. I just couldn't resist the green crocodile leather bag and the red cow hide bag as the colors attracted me so.

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