Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Venice: Spaghetti In Squid Ink Sauce @ Ristorante Taverna dei Dogi

There are many interesting restaurants in Venice and most are well appointed and very cosy inside. I stopped by the entrances of a few to look at the menus displayed but there were all in Italian. Travelling in Italy can be quite a challenge without a local guide as few understand and even fewer speak English. 
We settled for Taverna dei Dogi, an Italian restaurant in one of the backstreets some distance from St Mark's Square.(Actually there are no streets in Venice) 
I am not a fan of pastas or Italian cuisines but somehow I looked forward to Italian meals when I was in Italy.
We had a simple course meal. The buns which were served before the meal didn't come with butter or soup so they were rather unappetizing.
The first course was spaghetti in squid ink sauce which I was taking for the first time. The squid ink that I so often abhor and got rid of while cleaning  fresh squid at home is considered a delicacy in Italy. Much to my surprise this spaghetti tasted excellent. 
The second course was a simple salad.
The 3rd course was a fried seafood platter.
The dessert was one of the smoothest ice-cream I've ever eaten. Overall the meal was fantastic, thanks to the squid ink.

The address of this restaurant is as follows:
Restorante Taverna dei Dogi
Calle Albanesi, 4250
Tel: 041-5223706
Well I kept thinking of squid ink after that meal, so I did some research on it. Seemingly squid ink has nutritional values and there are studies that say it has anti cancer properties. Because of this I am going to try making this spaghetti that I found so flavorful and quite unforgettable actually...
These are commercialized squid ink. Don't know whether they are available in Malaysia. I am not going to take the trouble to find them so I shall just use ink from fresh squids which I just learnt is edible.  Below is a recipe I found which I am sharing: 
Hope my spaghetti turns out good.

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