Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Dining In Casa Leonori, Assisi

I am posting this just to remember a nice meal I had in a nice hotel in Assisi.
Casa Leonori is located slightly away from town. We didn't lodge here but came just to have lunch.
Just opposite the hotel is a golden wheat field, ripe and ready for harvest.
Casa Leonori is serene and peaceful and will probably make a good getaway.
It's a hotel with many elements of Catholicism.
There's something interesting we saw in the dining hall. It's a bread house that looks too cute too be eaten.
Our first course is rice cooked in Italian style.
Our main course is roasted lamb rib which is tasty beyond words.
Last came our tiramisu dessert which is simply lip smacking. It is an unforgettable meal and this post is specially dedicated to the chef of the day.

Casa Leonori
Via Giosue Borsi 11/13
S.M. degli Angeli (PG)
Tel: 075 8044682

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