Saturday, 12 December 2015

Brisbane City Tour Pt 3: Mount Coot-tha

A very nice place we visited in Brisbane is Mount Coot-tha. It is the highest peak in Brisbane just about 7km from the city centre. By virtue of its height at 940 feet asl, it makes a very good lookout for the entire city. 
Also available at this lookout are a restaurant, a cafe and a gift shop.
The entire city spreads out like a map before our eyes and it feels so good to be standing here.
Awesome city panorama!
The highest point on the lookout.
The mountain road below
This is a great place to relax and unwind!
The Kuta Cafe on the left and the Summit Restaurant on the right.
Crowds of visitors appreciating the amazing views.
Mount Coot-tha was originally home to the aboriginal people who came here to collect kuta (honey) produces by the bees. This must be how Mount Coot-tha got its name.
nice residence

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