Saturday, 5 December 2015

A Day Tour To Springbrook National Park

Springbrook is a mountainous plateau formed by a massive volcanic eruption about 23 million years ago. Located in Gold Coast hinterland, this relatively unspoilt area boasts of beautiful waterfalls, marvelous lookouts, innumerable walking tracks, scenic picnic spots and very extensive biodiversity. It is indeed a nature lover's paradise. 
We took a day tour from the city to visit the popular attractions of Springbrook National Park which has been declared a World Heritage Area. 
These are the highlights of our tour.

WATERFALLS  - There are many waterfalls in Springbrook. We visited a few.
Purling Brook Fall is the most spectacular waterfall on the mountain and it is only a few minutes walk from the car park.
Looking down to the base of Purling Brook Fall, we could see a meandering stream and a verdant valley.
 There is a suspension bridge across the stream.
A 100 metres walk from another car park brought us to Goomoolahra Fall.
From the Canyon Lookout, we could see Twin Falls.

PICNIC SPOTS - Springbrook is an ideal destination for picnickers who enjoy nature and the serenity of the forest.
We made a pit stop at Apple Tree Park which is a nice, quiet spot for picnics. Basic facilities like water, tables, benches and toilets are available. There are other areas gazetted for picnics as well.

LOOKOUTS - We didn't have time to visit all the waterfalls but there are many lookouts that offer marvelous views not only of waterfalls but stunning views across New South Wales to Mt Warning and beyond to Byron Bay.

FOREST WALKS - There are innumerable walking tracks, some of which are handicap-friendly and accessible by wheelchairs.
We did a few walks through the rainforest with distances ranging from 100 metres to more than a kilometer.
There are longer and more challenging tracks which we would have done had we had more time there.

THE BIODIVERSITY - Springbrook is the most extensive area of sub-tropical rainforest in the world with more than 200 rare or threatened plant and animal species. 
We didn't spot any wildlife in the forest but there were a few interesting plants seen.
A humongous century old tree.

NATURAL BRIDGE - This is a natural rock formation due to the force of the waterfall over an erosive basalt cave.
We did a 1.5km walking circuit into the forest to visit this picturesque arch.
The cave below the arch is also a popular spot to see glow worms at night.

We passed through a few restaurants that have closed down. Obviously Springbrook does not have the population to support much commercial activities. This is me standing in front of a deserted restaurant.
Another restaurant in Springbrook that has closed down.
Our lunch break was at Scuttlebutt Cafe which is just beside the main Springbrook Road.

VALLEYS AND FARMS - We left the forest and enjoyed a scenic drive back to the city. Enroute we stopped at Buck's Farm to learn about Australian tropical fruits and bushfood.
The beautiful Numinbah Valley  we passed through.

At Buck's Farm in Chillingham we were given a tropical fruit and walnuts treat. 
It was also exciting to see and learn about plants that I have never seen before. The finger lime is an amazing citrus fruit while Buddha's Hands look grotesque. The nutritional values of these plants are ardently promoted by the farm owner who also sells products (hand cream, jam,etc) made from them.
Country living in Chillinham
A farm in Chillingham

Our day tour ended with the visit to Buck's farm. We started out from Surface Paradise at 8.30am and arrived back at 6pm. This tour is recommended for those who loves nature, waterfalls and the rainforest.

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