Saturday, 17 June 2017

Air Asia Premium Red Lounge Review

Airasia launched its first ever premium lounge on September 2016. Located at the departure hall of KLIA2 and known as AirAsia Premium Red Lounge, access to the facilities in the lounge comes free if you purchase a Premium Flex or Premium Flatbed Airasia ticket departing to any destination from KLIA2.  The lounge is also opened to the public at a rate of  RM79 per 3 hours.
We used this lounge for the first time just before our flight out to New Zealand. It was a free access that came with the Premium Flex tickets we'd paid extra for. We opted for Premium Flex because we wanted the flexibility of a two-times change of departure date deemed necessary should any emergency crop up. Nevertheless we were pretty excited about using the lounge for the first time.
We arrived at the lounge about 9pm after checking in our big luggage at the check-in counter. It wasn't difficult to locate this place as it is just beside a flight of escalator going down the departure hall. 
There are a couple of settees, cushioned chairs and small round tables near the entrance but most of the hall is filled with long working cum dining tables and chairs that are reminiscent of a canteen.

The section of the hall with floor to ceiling glass windows facing the outside has dimmed lighting and offers more privacy but the number of seats is rather limited here. The space below a flight of stairs to the upper floor is furnished with shelves meant for storage of luggage. Apparently lounge users prefer to keep their bags by their side as there are no lockers or attendant to see to the safety of guests' belonging if kept here.
Facilities in the lounge include three computers and WiFi  accessibility.
The upper floor is carpeted and is strewn with bean bags. The space is quite small and the lighting doesn't look right for those in need of a nap. There is also an obvious lack of privacy for those who need to rest in solitude.
There is a washroom with only two shower cubicles. There was no restroom attendant that evening and the toilet cleanliness was just satisfactory.
There are some magazines and a screen that shows flight departure schedule.
There is also a VIP room which guests have to pay extra to use.
A good premium lounge should feature refreshments that satisfy but the food served that evening  was rather pathetic.
The were 4 chaffing dishes filled with food that didn't look very appetizing. Other than the spaghetti which tasted fine, the others were just average food. There was also a lack of variety. 
Food that finished was slow to be replenished. 
The refreshments provided was sufficient to fill a hungry stomach but it was not very tantalizing.
The hot beverages include tea and coffee with milk. There were 2 types of tea sachets and a commendable variety of coffee. Cold drinks include canned coke and sprite. Beers have to be purchased at RM15 per can.
Having visited a few other premium lounges I was expecting something better but then it is a facility that is probably meant to befit a 'low cost carrier'. AirAsia Premium Red Lounge may not be as good as other premium lounges but if it comes free as a package for certain types of tickets purchased it can be considered a bonus. To pay RM79 to use it is considered a little steep even though it is cheaper to use than some other lounges.

Click here to find out more : AirAsia Premium Red Lounge 


Azraee said...

I just purchased Premium Flex for my trip from KL to Chiangmai in April 2018. Let's see if AirAsia has improved their services in the lounge... Azraee Mamat

Lily... said...

Do write to tell me if it has, Azraee.

Unknown said...

AA lounge now. Cold congee and coffee worst than McDonald's. Not worth the AUD$58 paid for 3hrs.

Anonymous said...

worst lounge ever

Anonymous said...

If my flight 10am, should i check in luggage first then go to aa lounge?

Unknown said...

Really excited if see all the Photo but After Read all the comment Here it thought Maybe I will choose Stay other place. Thanks for info..

Richard H. Black said...

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