Wednesday 11 July 2018

Poland: An Evening Walk in Bialystok

It was almost dinner time when I arrived in Bialystok from Trakai, Lithuania. Bialystok is just a small Polish city which I transited en route to Warsaw. Though small, it is still the largest city in north east Poland. It is apparently not that popular a tourist destination compared to Warsaw or Krakow. After checking into Cristal Hotel I hurried through my dinner hoping to explore the city before it turned dark. I was scheduled to leave for Warsaw early the next day and thought it would be a waste not to get to know this relatively unknown city of Poland. Fortunately the sun set at 8.30 pm and after dinner it was still bright. It is always advantageous to travel in Europe around spring time when the days are long while the weather remains soothing and cool.
A short walk eastward from my hotel is Kosciuszko Market Square. This happens to be the main attraction in Bialystok and I was thankful my hotel is just nearby. 

Kosciuszko Market Square is a very robust square. This must be a favourite dining place for the locals as apparent from the throngs of patrons who also appeared to have a penchant for dining alfresco. 

The square is flanked by buildings with beautiful architecture, many of which look like heritage structures that have been given makeovers.

There was a hive of activities at the square : open-air exhibitions, people queing to visit Podlachia Museum, youth skating, people sitting around to chat.

Podlachia Museum which was formerly a city hall lies in the middle of the square. It is now a regional history and art museum. A long line of people where seen queuing to enter the premise.

Towards the eastern end of the square stands the imposing Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

This cathedral is mammoth in size. It is 90 meters long with the two towers reaching 72.5 meters high and can accommodate up to 9500 worshipers.

Walking further east, I came across Bialystok War Museum. Another long queue was seen waiting here and I was wondering whether these crowds were local tourists. I looked around but couldn't spot even a single Asian. It was probably because of this that I invited a number of stares as I walked by.

The vista of the city beyond the War Museum was modernistic and did not appear interesting so I started walking back.

Detouring a little I ended up in Branicki Palace, another major city attraction. This was a former residence of the Branicki family who used to own the whole city of Bialystok.

The palace ground was huge and I took a breather from the long walk.

By the time I reached Kosciuszko Market Square the sun has set and I was walking in the twilight. I walked passed my hotel and continued westward.

Directly opposite my hotel is The Cathedral of St. Nicholas and Magnus Square.

The street west of my hotel, Lipowa is a shopping street but most shops were already closed by then. Towards the end of the street is St. Roch Roman Catholic Church with a design that looks pretty contemporary.

I came across a very interesting statue on the pedestrian walkway but it was getting dark, quiet and a little scary as I was alone so I decided to walk back to the hotel.

I finally arrived at Hotel Cristal which I realised is a great accommodation in Bialystok and one which I won't hesitate to recommend anyone who wishes to spend a short stint in this city.

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