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Poland: Walking Tour Of Warsaw Old Town (Stare Miasto)

Old Town of Warsaw is a must-see place for anyone visiting Warsaw for the first time. It is the oldest part of the city with streets, squares and monuments that dates back many centuries. Thronged by thousands of tourists, this renowned tourist hub is said to be the most alluring part of Warsaw. Old Town is actually a resurrected town as the entire town was badly damaged during World War II. The meticulous reconstruction has successfully revived most of the structures to appear almost as authentic, even exuding an ambiance of the medieval era. The restoration is so incredible that this Old Town of Warsaw has even earned a spot on UNESCO World Heritage List. 

Like it or not, you have to be prepared to walk a lot to explore the old town. The entire town is pedestrianized but rest assured you will not feel weary as you'll be too excited looking around, the eyes just can't feast enough of the interesting things you will see along the way. 

Here're the highlights of my walking tour of Warsaw's Old Town.

1.The Old Town Market Square (Rynek Starego Miasta) 
The most beautiful part of Old Town, I opine is Market Square. Located in the middle of the town, the square is rectangular in shape and measures about 90 meters by 70 meters. Colourful buildings with medieval-style architecture flank all four sides of the square. The place is a hive of activities. There are museums, restaurants, art galleries and many souvenir shops.  

In the midst of the square is a bronze statue of a mermaid. This mythical icon believed to be Warsaw's protector is also the symbol of Warsaw.

2. Street Performers
There are many street performers the bulk of whom showcased their accordion playing skill. Many seen were little children who try to solicit offerings from passers-by.

3. Old Town Churches
Walking along Świętojańska Street in Old Town, you get to see two very imposing churches. The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist  with a history dating back 600 years is one Warsaw's oldest church. The historical events that took place in this church include coronation of kings, royal weddings and funerals. The first European Constitution was also sworn in here.
Another prominent church on Świętojańska Street is the 17th century Jesuit Church. This church is ornate and can be seen from a distance as it towers above many other buildings.
The door into Jesuit Church is embedded with a few evocative bronze statues and is quite unique.

Old Town Barbican
A barbican is a tower at a gate or bridge. The Old Town Barbican is located at the boundary of the old and new town. It was originally built in 1548, was largely destroyed during the wars but has been nicely restored to its present day condition. 

Pretty Kiosks
There are kiosk selling ice-creams, beverages, snack food and other things that caught my attention as they look so pretty.

Narrow Lanes
There are charming narrow lanes that offers great vistas for photography.

Vibrant Streets
Walking the streets of Old Town is a pleasant experience as they are very lively with sprightly coloured buildings at every turn and corner.

Cosy Restaurants And Beautiful Shops
Old Town of Warsaw is a haven for food. There are plenty of fine restaurants and small eateries offering an array of menus from traditional Polish cuisines to pizzas and burgers.

There are also a range of authentic 'Make in Poland' souvenirs to bring home.

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Sreekar said...

I have been to Europe thrice, but have somehow not made it Poland. I have always been a bog fan of their rich heritage. Your post seconds those thoughts. I should get to the old Warsaw sometime soon. Maybe your article is the inspiration I needed:)

Lily... said...

Great to hear that Sreekar.

Lisa said...

Warsaw looks so pretty! I'd like to visit one day and see the Old Market Sqaure and all those colourful buildings. The Barbican structure is very interesting too, nice photos!

Lily... said...

Yes u should

Unknown said...

I've never been to Warsaw before but I would love to visit there one day. Old Town of Warsaw looks gorgeous and quaint. I would love to wander the old streets of this part of town and see all the cute little kiosks built into some of the old buildings. Also listening to some of the street performers would be fun too!

Unknown said...

I'd love to go to old town Warsaw someday! The narrow lanes and pretty kiosks sound so charming! I love the idea of seeing ornate churches filled with such a rich history (especially 600 years of history)! Of course, I'd probably come back with a handful of made in Poland souvenirs.

Lily... said...

Yes you should do that.

Lily... said...

Believe me you'll like the place!

Vicki Louise said...

I don't remember Warsaw being so colourful, but your pictures really make it pop! This walking tour is great too, including loads of top sights - and I just love the narrow lane-ways and vibrant streets, it really gives the place a nice atmosphere.

Abhinav Singh said...

I find old parts of most town charming and full of surprises. At most places I have seen shoddy restoration of ancient sites, so I am happy to know that they have done it well. No wonder, it is on UNESCO World Heritage List. I would love the see the street artists perform for hours. And those al fresco cafes look so pretty!

Marlies said...

Warsaw looks so beautiful and colorful! I love doing walking tours in new cities so I would definitely check this one out. I have heard so many positive things about Warsaw so I think it's time to visit it soon :)

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