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* Four Seasons Langkawi

Four Seasons Langkawi is a prestigious beach resort which promises luxury accommodation, quality facilities and 5 star services. It however comes with a 6 star price tag.  In fact it is the most expensive resort to stay in Pulau Langkawi.  After some deliberation, we decided to book a 3D/2N stay in the resort. What's wrong with splurging on yourself once in a blue moon?  But the truth is we got to stay here for free. (We're not sponsored by Four Seasons so don't worry my review is unbiased.)
The entire resort has only 91 pavillions and villas and guess what? We learnt that Bill Gates is among the major shareholder of this place.
I am sharing with you more than a hundred photos taken during my vacation at this resort. So, do enjoy your virtual tour around Four Seasons Langkawi.
As soon as we arrived, we were addressed by names. Apparently, excellent service is the culture and trademark of Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.
Generally, the staffs are trained to be courteous and helpful and we never failed to get a nod of acknowledgement whenever we bump into anyone  of them during of our stay.
This is the first spectacular thing I noticed when the cab dropped us off at the concierge area.  It's a gigantic archaic-looking bell-shaped lamp.
We were led through a few interesting courtyards before reaching the reception lounge. This one has a myriad of lanterns hanging from a wall.
These lanterns are all lit up during the night.
This courtyard looks very middle-eastern with date palms and a square area that resembles a desert. 
And this one has structures that are simply gothic.
We certainly took advantage of these artistic pieces and posed all we could.
I really appreciate beautiful architecture like this but be patient coz I'm going to show you lots more.
This is the resort reception area. It looks like an alien's den (to me) but it is undeniably unique.
Another trademark of this resort are the ponds and pools. These water features are all over the place. This hut built on stilt in the pond is actually a lounge/resting area for resort guests. This place is just adjacent to the reception lobby.
This hut is accessible via a bridge.
This is the reception lounge. We were ushered here to register our checking-in.
The reception lounge at night.
Soon after registration, we were taken for an orientation ride in this buggy. This resort engulf a 1.5km stretch of beach and you will need transport like this to get around.
We booked a Lower Melaleuca Pavillion with partial sea view which measures 732 sq ft. but for no apparent reason we were upgraded to stay in the Beach Villa with full sea view.The price difference is RM3300 per night or RM6600 for 2 nights. That is windfall for us. Thanks you FSL! 
[Photo above shows the Lower and Upper Melaleuca Pavillion]
The entire resort is connected by pebble-paved roads.
Our villa is at the far end of the resort and we have to pass this lush greenery bordering a hill to get there. 
This is where we stayed, "Villa 2" The neighbouring villa , "Villa 1" is the one and only Royal Villa. 
Just to give you an idea of how large the Royal Villa is. Measuring 15,078sq ft., I would say it is humongous. It will also cost a fortune to book this unit.
This is our Beach Villa viewed from the beach. It is surrounded by trees and shrubs which provided real privacy.
The Beach Villa measures 2639 sq ft.and it cost RM 5640 net to stay here per night.
The villa comes with an exceptionally spacious bedroom-cum-lounge area.
The entire villa has floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors. If you open all these doors you will get a feel of  luxury living in the midst of true nature. 
There was a complimentary fruit basket for us.
There is a 42 inch plasma TV and a CD/DVD player in the bedroom.
There is an expresso maker, an electric jug, a bread toaster a mini-bar and complimentary coffee/tea/ice cubes/mineral water. All other items in the mini bar are not complimentary.
There is a large study/working area. Internet usage is free and WIFI is available.
The working table is big and provides ample space.
This blind can be drawn and the sliding door opened to view the reflecting pool outside.
This is the wash area. There is a hair-dryer, bath amenities and plenty of towels.
This area opens out to the backyard of the villa.
And this is the first time, I am seeing chili red bathrobe and bedroom sandals.
There is a marble bathtub just beside the wash area.
Beyond this wash area are the closet, the shower room and the toilet.
The closet is roomy with ample storage space.
Provided are: A safety box, iron and ironing board, torch light, beach bag, fabric starch, mosquito spray.
 This is the shower room.
Hair shampoo,conditioner and body wash are given in large bottles.
This is the toilet.
There is also a spa/treatment room in the Beach Villa. This is for guests who wish to have their spa treatment in the villa itself.
There is an open-air bath-tub at the backyard of the villa.
There are reflection pools on almost every side of the villa.
The Beach Villa comes with its own private plunge pool. There is also a jacuzzi area within the pool. The water is warm and the water jet massaging so.. therapeutic.
The frontage of the villa overlooks the beach and the Andaman Sea.
You can sit here and enjoy the sea breeze and the sound of sea waves.
The villa even comes with its own beach chairs.
There are 2 public swimming pools in the resort. This is the "Quiet Adult Pool". It is an infinity-edged pool overlooking the sea. 
The Adult Pool comes with individual cabanas for swimmers who want their privacy.
The other pool is the "Family Pool". This pool is odd shaped and has many coves that offer privacy. 
The Family Pool area is beautifully landscaped with trees, shrubs and  figurines.
This is the wash room at the family pool area. The fittings are rustic and very unique.
Cold water and tropical fruits are served hourly if you swim at the adult pool or the family pool. 
Our favourite hangout in the resort is the Business Centre-cum-library.
This is a place you can read, use the computer, the internet, or even printer. There is free coffee/tea/ mineral water too.
I particularly love the star-studded doors. This door is narrow but very high (10-11 feet) and is a real work of art.
Fittings like the hanging lanterns are a bit weird, nevertheless quite a creative art piece.
The library area is also surrounded by pools like these. You can opt to sit in this patio area to read or just relax.
Another very beautiful area to see in the resort is the Spa area. You are free to relax around or even take a nap here even if you do not pay for the spa treatment.
Once again, I was admiring the beautiful architecture, design and setting.
To move about in the resort we could use the service of buggies but our preference was the bicycles. We borrowed bicycles from the gym and use it the whole duration of our stay.
This is the resort gym. It is not only equipped with contemporary gym machines but facilities like towels, magazines, iced water, mineral water, fruits etc are complimentary for resort guests.
There is a lotus pond in the resort. The flowers only bloom in the morning and we cycled there after breakfast just to see the bloom. 
The whole resort is beautifully landscaped.
There are retail shops and boutiques too.
These boutiques sell quality goods.
This area leads us to the resort bar called the "Rhu Bar".
This is Rhu Bar, the place where sunset is most prominent.
The setting and fittings of this bar are mainly Mediterranean-themed.
 It was extremely windy and cloudy and it rained a few times during our stay and the only sunset scene I took was this one .
This is the sea sport centre where you can borrow non-motorized sea sport equipments like life jackets, snorkeling gears, kayaks,etc. We wanted to kayak to Sand Island which is about half a mile from the beach but had to abandon the idea as the sea was too rough.
See the red flag alert? That means it is dangerous to go out to sea.
The resort beach with fine white sand is one of the better ones in Langkawi. 
There are 3 restaurants in the resort. This is Ikan-Ikan specialising in Malay cuisines.
Another restaurant in the resort is Kelapa Grill, specialising in Western Cuisines.
The 3rd restaurant is Serai which offers Italian Cuisines. Breakfast buffet is also served here.
Serai restaurant served excellent muffins and pancakes. The other dishes are generally above average too.
3 days and 2 nights passed by very quickly in the resort. There was not a  moment of boredom but many moments happily cherished. If I miss this place, there is always this post on my own blog to browse through and I am sure these beautiful wind chimes will replay in my mind and bring back memories of all the corners I have trod.


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What a very perfect place to get going. The ambiance really great for a relaxation. Thanks for the info!


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You're most welcomed.

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thanks for sharing such an excellent piece. !

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You're welcome. Do visit my blog from time to time as I would be sharing my travel/hotel experience.

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It's nice but soooo expensive.

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expensive but it worth..hope to be there again...

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Life is short. Good to splurge on ourselves sometimes.

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