Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Penang Food Galore: 7. What's Good At New Lane Night Hawker's Centre, Georgetown

Between staying near a beach and staying near to where all the awesome eateries and food stalls are located, I would definitely choose the latter. Why? Because I love the smell and sight of food more than the beach and the sea. And guess what? The hotel that I get to stay for free for a week is Sunway Hotel which is just a few steps away from one of Georgetown's most famous night hawker's centre! 
New Lane aka Lorong Baru is a 250 meter stretch of road connecting Jalan Macalister and Jalan Irving. Every evening around 5pm, hawker's stalls that seemed to appear out of nowhere would start lining one stretch of the lane all the way to the Jalan Macalister junction. All in there are about 20 mobile stalls and together with tens of permanent hawker's stalls operating from the coffee shops in the vicinity, there is a substantial variety of hawker's food to choose from. It would not be exaggerating to say that every type of Penang hawker's food you can think of, you can find it right here!
There are stalls that specializes in only one dish but there are stalls that sell a diverse variety. Business is competitive here as there are usually more than two different stalls that sell the same thing, for example there are four stalls selling Char Kway Teow, two selling Chee Cheong Fun, two selling curry mee.

These are the food I tried and my rating of each one.
Name of food: Sotong Kangkong (Jiu Hu Eng Chai)
Venue: A stall inside Sin Yin Nam Cafe (corner coffee shop facing Jalan Macalister)
Price: RM14
My Rating:  Delicious! Recommended
Note: Lots of peanuts, very savoury sauce, fresh kangkong and soft cuttle fish pieces

Name of food: Char Kway Teow
Venue: A stall inside Sin Yin Nam Cafe (corner coffee shop facing Jalan Macalister)
Price: RM 7
My Rating:  Delicious! Recommended

Name of food: Assam Laksa
Venue: Open air stall opposite Sin Yin Nam Cafe
Price: RM 6 
My Rating:  Delicious! Recommended! 
Note: The portion is tiny

Name of food: Chee Cheong Fun
Venue: Open air stall opposite Sin Nam Cafe (the one operated by a lady)
Price: RM 4.50
My Rating:  Just OK
Note: Very springy rice roll, the paste could have been better 

Name of food: Fried Oyster Omelette
Venue: Open air stall just outside Sin Yin Nam Cafe
Price: RM 12
My Rating:  Not the best I've tasted but quite delicious. 
Note: A little oily and the portion is small

Name of food: Curry Mee
Venue: Open air stall diagonally opposite Sin Yin Nam Cafe (operated by a lady vendor)
Price: RM 4.20
My Rating:  Delicious! Recommended
Note: Curry is mildly flavored but overall it tastes good

Name of food: Leng Chee Kang
Venue: Open Air Stall outside Maxim Cafe
Price: RM 3.50
My Rating:  Delicious!
Note: Love the ginkgo nuts that comes with it

Name of food: Popia
Venue: Open air stall just outside Sin Yin Nam Cafe (the only popia stall in the hawker's centre)
Price: RM 3.20/2pc
My Rating: Poor
Note: Worst popia I have ever eaten. Totally bland. Not recommended. 

Generally the portion is small and you will need to eat more than one bowl of anything to fill up your stomach. 

There are a lot more food that I did not try in the hawker's centre. To name a few are the congee, rojak,  grilled seafood, otak-otak, loh mee, hokkien mee, kway teow thng, lobak,......and everything else that makes up Penang hawker's delights. Will have to wait for my next trip.

New Lane Hawker's Centre,
Venue: Near The junction between Lorong Baru and Jalan Macalister
Open: 5pm to Midnight
Close: Wednesdays


YeapKimLai said...

Lots of variety of food but the pricing here is to cut throat tourist. Locals do not come here anymore prefer other food court cheaper example Good All infront of Peng Hwa Chinese girl high school. My sister came to attend my son wedding order Ju hooi rozak kena RM25.00 one small plate and worst the the so call Ju hooi they put is the low quality Ju hooi. Sooner or later Penang famous food would be spoiled by New Lane's cut throat pricing.

Unknown said...

Agree, char koay teow costs RM9. Suggest to go elsewhere at lower price with similar quality / taste.

Unknown said...

RM 9 char koay teow at san cafe new lane overpriced, the stall at cornet facing macalister road.

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