Friday, 10 May 2013

A Day Trip To Jelebu & Jelebu Attractions.

Exploring a new place always brings excitement to me no matter how world renowned or relatively unknown the place is. I pounced on the chance to explore Jelebu, a district in Negeri Sembilan as I had a personal matter to attend to in Titi, a small town in Jelebu district.
Coming from Klang Valley, we opted to use trunk roads that go through Broga and Lenggeng. 
This photo was taken after we've just passed Broga town and heading towards Lenggeng. 
 Lenggeng is a tiny quiet town with just one street.
It was a lovely journey, devoid of traffic through miles and miles of forest reserves.
We arrived at this T-junction and headed for Kuala Klawang which is Jelebu's biggest town. To be frank, Kuala Klawang is a place I've never heard of before making this trip.
This is Titi town, about 7km from Kuala Klawang. We did what we had to do in Titi  & then off we went galavanting the district of Jelebu.
The main economic activity in Jelebu is agricultural. This photo shows a rubber estate in Simpang Durian, a Jelebu outskirt.
Paddy fields in the outskirt areas.
We heard of a resort called Titi Eco Farm in Titi which we had plans to book a stay for our next getaway.
As the gate was wide open, we drove in to make an inquiry. We were however in for a surprise as a staff at the reception told us to pay RM30/pax for entering the resort premise. She was adamant about the payment even after being told we were only making an inquiry. We refused to be ripped-off and left immediately. All I can say is they've just lost 2 very potential customers.
There are not many eating places in Jelebu and we settled for wan tan noodles in an apparently popular local restaurant. Feel sorry for Jelebu folks with their very limited choices of eateries.
Jelebu which is still relatively unspoilt  is a charming place surrounded by hills. This is a picture of Kuala Klawang, the main town in Jelebu. The beauty of driving here is you can make pit stops in the middle of the road to take photographs without obstructing the traffic.
 The roundabout in the town centre.
Kuala Klawang town.
The administrative office of Jelebu District.
A strong Minangkabau influence is evidenced from the curved roofs of buildings around the district.
A pedestrian bridge with Minangkabau roof?
Traditional houses with Minangkabau roofs and built on stilts are still commonly seen in the district. 
Muzium Adat is a place worth visiting if you are in Jelebu. By the way "adat" means customs. I was surprised a small town like Kuala Klawang can boast of a well-managed museum with a well thought out theme. This 4 storey museum displays all types of customs practised by Malaysians (past and present) with emphasis given to the customs practised by the Malays. The museum is air-conditioned and the entrance is free.
It was and probably still is, in rural areas among the old, a pastime to chew the betel leaves. The museum displays a collection of designer bethel receptacles. The photo above shows one of them.
Quite an impressive 3-D display.
Traditional costumes of the various races residing in Malaysia.
A rite performed for a 7 month pregnant Malay woman.
The circumcision ceremony for Muslim boys.
An exorcism rite.
Customs and ceremonies related to the Malay rulers.
Customs related to the natives of East Malaysia.
A canoe used by the Minangkabaus to migrate to Malaysia in the 12th century.
Another Jelebu attraction not to far from Kuala Klawang town is the Jeram Toi Waterfall.
A good picnic spot.
Facilities like resting huts, benches and washrooms with tap water supply are made available to visitors.
A moment to savour....


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