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8D/7N Hainan Itinerary: Day 7 & 8

Day 7 was our last full day in Sanya as we had to check out very early the next morning to catch the 7.20am train to Haikou. We've decided to keep our last day itinerary light and easy so that we could leisurely pack our things and take strolls to corners that we've yet to explore. It was also a final chance to snap some photographs to remember the place that we would probably not return to.
I appreciate the vicinity where we stay as it is actually quite beautiful. The area is stylishly landscaped with sprightly statues that adorn the streets and walkways.

Come to think of it, I've never really seen a limousine this long except in movies. 
Photo taken outside our hotel. Was on somebody's bicycle.
We walked to Linchun River and Chaojian Bridge which we've never had an opportunity to see as the temptation to cross Sanya Bridge on the other side of our hotel and to walk along the happening streets near Sanya River was too great to avoid each day.

The road next to Linchun River is lined with high-rise buildings some of which are hotels. This is the quieter part of Sanya.
The humidity soon took the toil on us and we retreated to a shady walkway on Sanya He East Road.
Coming to Hainan one must try the fresh coconuts. They are not cheap though, costing RM5 to RM7 each. I've eaten only two since I came. Generally the cost of living is high here.

This is also our last day to try the local food. 

There is a cheap place to buy things in Sanya. The night market at Xinjian Street is open every night and the things here are really cheap. This is the only shopping place that looks robust in Sanya downtown. Many local tourists flock here and most stalls enjoy brisk sales.

There is a section on the night market that sells street food.

Branching off Xinjian Street is Xinmin Street. This street is a food haven as the entire stretch is lined with eateries and roadside stalls selling all types of local cuisines. 

We checked out of our hotel at 6.30am and took a taxi to Sanya Railway Station. Travelling by the fast speed train to Haikou to board our flight home was a breeze as we've got used to the system. 
It didn't take that long before we finally reached home in Malaysia.
8D/7N may not be a long time but long enough for me to experience the heartbeat of this island touted to be a tropical paradise and Hawaii of the east.

Allow me to first lament about the things in Hainan that I need getting used to.
1. If you are travelling around August-September the humidity is unbearable. 
    Even if you do not like the rain, you'll welcome it just to get some cool air. 
2. The incessant honking by motorcyclists can really drain you of all your mental 
3. You have to be 100% alert when crossing a road as most motorists defy traffic rules.
4. Not even a single person I met during the 8 days speaks English. Hoping to get 
    menus and write-ups in English? That's a rare chance.
5. Sales persons tending to eateries, stores etc tend to be impatient and rude and 
    they get agitated when they do not understand you.
6. People quarreling and screaming at each other on the street? We saw that 3 times 
    in such a short span of stay.
7. Many spit freely on the floors, walkways, bus-stops... and we even saw one spitting 
    inside an elevator. The list can go on.

Fortunately though, for every lamentation, there's an elation and something that amuses. Entrance fees to tourist destinations are high but taxi fares are very reasonable. You'll have to pay Rm6 for a coconut by the street but for RM6 you can get a lovely T-shirt at the night market. There's the ugly sight of people spitting  but there're the lovely sights of magnificent state of the art buildings that paint beautiful pictures in the night sky.
There are rude and loud people but there's people like our concierge officer who walked the extra mile to help us. There's the noise pollution in the city but there's the tranquil in the mountains and rainforests that really pacify.

There are interesting food and unique culture that make this island beautiful even though it may not be my idea of a paradise.

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Unknown said...

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TQ for your heartfelt comment.

Ambi said...

Hey your write up is most comprehensive, informative, and with all the relevant pictures helping us a lot plan our stay in Sanya. Thank you!

Chryss said...

May I know if Malaysian can now apply for visa on arrival at hainan airport ?

Lily... said...

I am not too sure but it's always best to get your visa done in your home country.

Unknown said...

What hotel u stay at Sanya?

Lily... said...

Pls read Part 1 to get the answwer

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