Tuesday, 14 April 2020

My Son Sanctuary, Vietnam - My Photo Gallery

My Son Sanctuary is the site of an ancient civilization located  near the village of Duy Phú, in the district of Duy Xuyên in Quảng Nam Province in Central Vietnam. This site is about 50 km from Danang and about the same distance from Hoi An. My Son Sanctuary consists of more than 70 partially ruined temples and tombs that were constructed during the 4th - 14th century by the Kings of Champa, an ancient indianized kingdom of the Cham people. Among the ruins are temples dedicated to the Hindu God, Shiva and other monuments, some bearing historically significant inscriptions in Sanskrit and Cham language. My Son which is still undergoing restoration has been listed a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 

The site is remotely located and is rather far from the highway. Surrounding the site are two mountain ranges.
From the parking area, visitors are required to walk a short distance to a buggy depot where they'll be driven to a walking path that leads to the historical site. This walk is pretty long, probably close to a kilometer.
Much of the buildings were ruined by American bombings during the Vietnam War.

Restoration works are still in progress to preserve these ancient relics.
The architecture of the buildings are reminiscent of Angkor Wat albeit My Son is much smaller in scale. 

 Walking around is like walking back in time.

Visitors are also treated to a performance with dances that depict the Cham culture. This is held in a roofed stage near the site.

Even though Hinduism was brought into Vietnam during its early civilization, the religion didn't take roots in the country. Today Hinduism is practiced by only a tiny minority as evidenced from the fact that it is hard to find a Hindu temple around.


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When can we go again?

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After the Covid 19 pandermic

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