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* Resort Suites @ Sunway Lagoon Resort : Part 1 ( Review & Photos)

I am often confused as to what to call this place. refers to it as The Pyramid Suites & Studios. On the wall of the premise, this place is labelled as Resort Suites @ Sunway Lagoon Resort. Whatever it is, these suites are appropriate for those who are seeking accommodation for a longer duration as they come with the convenience of an equipped kitchen and easy accessibility to a big shopping mall. For shorter term holiday makers there is the option of 2 hotels and The Villas which are all located in the same vicinity.
The resort suites are located on the upper floors of Pyramid Tower Hotel while the rooms are located on the lower floors. 
Just adjacent to the suites is Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel.(the building with the blue roofs). Slightly beyond that are the luxurious villas. (Refer to my earlier post : The Villas at Sunway Resort Hotel to know more). All these are owned and managed by the same hotel group of companies, namely Sunway Hotel group.
Even though parking is free, there is a little check-in inconvenience for patrons who drive as they cannot access the reception lobby by lift. Having to manually carry our heavy luggage up one floor to the lobby shows some flaws in the system. The security guards were of little help too as they were all foreigners who could not speak Malay or English. We expressed this to the manager, Mr Kenny and he was apologetic about the inconvenience caused.
A small token of apology was personally brought to our suite by Mr. Kenny. This guy is indeed a 'pro' in the hospitality business. Keep it up! 
This is the hotel lobby. Even though patrons of the suites and the hotel rooms check-in at the same counter, access to the suites and the hotel rooms are via different lifts.
This photo shows the decor at the reception lobby.
The setting and decor though tasteful does not match the one in Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel which is just adjacent to it.
Our resort suite is located on the 12th floor which is also the private lobby floor.
This is the private lobby of the Resort Suites which is unmanned most of the time. 
There are many private lounges like this on the 12th floor and the suites residents are free to use them. There is a lot of privacy here as only the suites residents have access to this floor and its facilities.
This is another lounge on the 12th floor.
This is our suite, No 12116
There is a shoe rack near the entrance.
And shelves for bags, etc.
There is a well equipped kitchen.
Stoves. (Electric heaters not induction)
Rice cooker, jug and bread toaster.
Microwave oven
An empty refrigerator.
Crockeries and glasswares.
There are cutleries, a chopping board and a cooking pan. Little details like kitchen towels, sponge and dish washing detergents are overlooked and not provided. There is house-keeping service only once a day so you may need to bring the things left out if you wish to do some cooking.
A simple breakfast we prepared in the suite.
This whole place is like a 1-room studio. 
This place is not as cosy and trendy as the one in Somerset Ampang but the location is a lot better here.
There is a sofa bed and you can request for it to be set up if there is a 3rd person staying.
There is a balcony but there are no chairs to relax around here. If the room air-conditioner is switched on, it would be impossible to hang out here as the heated air from the air-cond compressor makes this place very hot indeed.
There is a TV. and access to free WIFI.
There is a closet with sufficient space to store away your belonging. An electric iron and ironing board and a safety box are also provided.
The washroom is quite clean. Hair-dryer, soaps, shampoo, bath gel, shower cap and towels are provided. 
In-room dining and laundry service are available. You may also opt for a self-service coin-operated laundry which is located on the 12th floor.
There is a reading corner at the lobby. 
There is also a small gym exclusively for resort suite residents. There is no swimming pool in The Pyramid Tower but suite residents may use the swimming pool in the adjacent Sunway Lagoon Resort Hotel which is linked to the Pyramid Tower via the basement car parks.  This may be a little inconvenient as the pool is still some distance away.
The private lobby is often quiet so this suite may be a good place for patrons who loves lots of  privacy.
There is access to a whole lot of fun and entertainment within the vicinity.  The main entertainment outlet is Sunway Lagoon Theme Park which is just a stone's throw away.
This theme park comprise a water park, an amusement park and a wildlife park.
The best asset of this place is its easy accessibility to Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, a mega mall which can probably offers something for everyone. Access to the mall is via B1 basement carpark. (the distance across the carpark to the mall is just 40 meters away)

To know more about this mall pls read the sequel to this post: 


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