Sunday, 31 March 2013

Medan Travel Part 5: Layer Cakes and Bika Ambon

Layer cakes and bika ambon (a local delicacy that resembles  honeycomb)  are popular items visitors bring home from Medan. While layer cakes are expensive in Malaysia, you can get them at half the price in Medan.
There is a street called Jalan Mojopahit in Medan where you can find many shops selling layer cakes and other confectioneries. The most popular being Zulaikha.
There are 2 Zulaikha branches along Jalan Mojopahit. This is the bigger one.
A display of Zulaikha products.
At Zulaikha you are allowed to sample the varieties before a purchase. I bought 2 large boxes of layer cakes here. (The cheese layer cake at IDR80000 each and the prune layer cake at IDR100000each) The "original flavored" costs IDR60000. There are many other flavours available (strawberry, bluberry etc)
 Zulaikha was apparently enjoying a brisk sale.
I also bought 1 box of layer cake and 1 box of bika ambon from my travel guide who promoted this brand. Rika layer cake is more moist compared to the ones from Zulaikha. Zulaikha cakes are a tad too sweet for my liking too. Popular does not always mean the best.
This is bika ambon. It can only last 3 days at room temperature compared to layer cakes that usually last much longer. I put mine in an air-tight bag in the freezer and thaw it before consuming and it tasted fine. So Eureka,  I've found a way to make bika ambon last much longer while retaining its taste.
These nicely packed cakes were hand carried into the plane.  All-in 3kilograms of layer cakes and 1 kilogram of bika ambon.

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