Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Medan Travel Part 8: Grand Sakura Hotel Photos & Review.

My tour around Medan came with board and lodging. I promised not to complain about the lodging provided as it was a promotional tour and the tour fare was dirt cheap. As long as the room and the toilet are reasonably clean, I should be fine.
I'll do a review nevertheless, for those who are contemplating to lodge here.
 Grand Sakura is a 4-storey 3 star hotel. It is located along a busy but rather uninteresting road as there are no shopping activities or eateries around here. You may have to take public transport to the more happening spots in Medan. So for location, I'm rating this hotel "C"
 This hotel is annexed to another block behind it where the karaoke, the spa and more rooms are located.
This hotel claimed extremely high rating from popular travel sites and proudly displayed the ratings at the entrance.
This is the reception lobby.
This is the lobby lounge.
That's me waiting to check-in.
This is the hotel bar.
The hotel was 100% booked that night and my room had to be ungraded from the normal deluxe to junior executive.
We stayed on the 4th floor, Room No 409.
This room is air-conditioned. It is also spacious and I had a good first impression of it.
There is a large flat TV.
A safe deposit box is also provided.
There is an electric jug, 2 sachets of tea and 2 bottles of mineral water.
The closet was only equipped with a few hangers. There was no laundry bag.
The washroom came with a separate shower cubicle. Cleanliness was satisfactory and the heater functioned well.
Was happy to see a hair dryer.
Only 1 toothbrush, 1 piece of soap, 1 shower cap provided. 
 And here is something that spoiled our otherwise good impression of the room. The washroom sink was clogged, the tap leaked and the table top was wet. Since we were only staying for the night, we decided to use the tap in the shower cubicle which  caused us a little inconvenience.
There is no internet access in the room but hotel guests are allowed to use the computer and internet at the lobby. There is no gym or swimming pool but there is a karaoke and a spa.
This is the main restaurant and it is located on the lobby floor.
The room came with breakfast. Breakfast cuisines were simple but satisfactory.

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