Tuesday 10 June 2014

Taiping Once Again: The Famous Chee Cheong Fun In Taiping

Please click: Taiping Hawkers' Food Galore to read my earlier post on Taiping food before you read this one.  

Having missed the Chee Cheong Fun at Stall No 37 at Taiping Food Court during an earlier trip made me put in extra effort not to miss it again this time. Since the stall is only opened for breakfast I decided to wake up early and head straight to Taiping Food Court. Was told the chee cheong fun would be sold out by 10am or 11am.
Breakfast was actually provided at my hotel but I decided to skip that first.
It was a little pass 7am. There were already sporadic groups of elderly folks taking breakfast at the food court.
Stall C37 is just a modest stall. The specialties are Chee Cheong Fun and Yam Cake (Or Kueh). There was a short queue and so just a short wait.
We were not interested in the yam cake and just ordered a plate of chee cheong fun which was served in a styrofoam plate. Paid extra RM0.30 to add more fried onions.
The sauce was tasty but the chee cheong fun was too soft and soggy for my liking. It kind of melted in the mouth without much chewing. I prefer a more springy version of the rice noodle roll.  Anyway I was happy I finally got to taste the famous chee cheong fun in Taiping.
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