Friday, 25 October 2013

My Taiping Trip Part 4: What happens To The Lake At Taiping Lake Garden?

The famous Taiping Lake Garden has a rather interesting history.
[This 160 acre public garden was formerly a tin mining ground owned by the late Kapitan Chung Thye Phin, a wealthy tin miner and rubber planter. The abandoned tin mine was later donated  as a recreational park for public use. The idea of a public garden was first mooted by Colonel Robert Sandilands Frowd Walker and the person who took on the task to develop the garden was Charles Compton Reade, the same guy who planned Kuala Lumpur Garden Town back in the 1880s.]

A visit to Taiping would be incomplete without visiting Taiping Lake Garden. My last visit to the lake garden was more than 10 years ago but still vivid in my mind was the very picturesque and mesmerizing scenery especially along the stretch of road with the century old rain trees. Still captivated by the memory of that beauty, I was really looking forward to a revisit.
  The huge rain trees form an arched canopy over the road by the lakeside.
Somehow the place doesn't look as nice this time.
What happens to the lake?  It seems to be drying up.
Taiping is supposed to be the wettest town in Malaysia but why is the lake drying up?
This place where I am standing used to be filled with water and the branches of the rain trees arched down touching the lake.
It was a relief to see this other section of the lake garden which is still breathtaking.

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