Thursday, 6 November 2014

Jungle Trekking Into Mukut Village

I was staying in Minang Cove Resort and with nothing much to do, decided to trek to the nearest village.  Mukut Village located some 3km away from the resort is the most traditional village in Tioman Island.

Some may feel bored trekking along concrete pavements like this but I was more than happy. At least there won't be any leeches and there'll be much less mosquitoes. 
The path was undulating and there were stretches that needed more energy. With not a single soul seen during the entire trek, it was quiet and a time we could appreciate nature to the fullest.  Even wild mimosa looked lovely that morning.

Wild mushroom.
There were about four of such bridges along the way.
We passed through three deserted beaches.
Another nice beach but no one around.
We found a beautiful piece of dead coral, so finders, keepers.
The path was absolutely quiet and I think it is not advisable for a woman to use this trek alone.

After 40 minutes we reached the edge of the village.

Village Houses
This concrete pavement seems to be the only walking and transportation path. Only bicycles and motorcycles were seen in the compound. The entire village was devoid of cars.
It was 9.30am. The whole village was still sleeping. Only the two of us were seen walking around.
Shops and restaurants were not opened for business yet.
This is apparently the most beautiful house in Mukut Village.
Gunung Nenek Semukut can be seen from the village. In this picture it is the mountain that is partly hidden by clouds.
At Mukut Jetty we saw the first signs of human life. A few nurses were walking out of a nearby clinic. One restaurant was just opening for business and there were a few people waiting for water taxis at the pier.

Hanging at a display window of a shop were very cute puffer fish and corals for sale.
We were debating whether to trek another 2 km to Asah waterfall which is the largest waterfall in Tioman. The weather was getting too hot and humid so we decided to trek back to our resort.

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