Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Xiao Long Bao, My Favorite Dumpling.

My husband was raving about the Xiao Long Bao he ate in a Din Tai Fung Restaurant in Singapore many years ago. My first encounter with this dumpling was much later (sth like 4 years ago?) and ever since,  among all types of baos (or paos) I've eaten, the Xiao Long Bao has become my top favorite.
I first tried this dumpling in Din Tai Fung at The Gardens Mall.  It was unique and super delicious.  From then on I make it a point to frequent this restaurant and it will be just for its  Xiao Long Bao
Din Tai Fung is a worldwide chain of  Taiwanese restaurants but Xiao Long Bao does not originate from Taiwan. This soup-filled dumpling actually hails from the outskirts of Shanghai. Thumbs up to the creator of this delicacy. He must be a genius to invent a dumpling that can hold soup in it .
Making this dumpling really requires delicate skills. The dumpling is wrapped in fine yet firm translucent skin. If the skin is too thick, the dumpling becomes too doughy. If the skin is too thin, it will break easily. Din Tai Fung at the Gardens Mall makes it just right but Din Tai Fung at the Pavillion somehow didn't make it as well as its sister branch. I have even tried Xiao Long Bao in a normal dim sum restaurant but there was no soup in it - a total failure!

Plump and succulent, delicious to the core.
While making it requires skills, eating it also requires a technique.  At Din Tai Fung, the dumplings are freshly prepared, steamed, and served piping hot. To avoid the soup spurting all over and to avoid being scalded (as the soup inside is really hot), place the dumpling on the porcelain spoon and slightly pierce the skin with a chopstick to let the steam and juice out. It should cool a little this way and then........enjoy!
For more oomph, eat with  sliced ginger and black vinegar.
With this, it will be mou tak teng!

Din Tai Fung
LG 207 (Lower Ground Floor - where the food courts are)
The Gardens Mall
Mid Valley City
Business Hour: 10am - 10pm

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