Sunday, 9 November 2014

Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant - Cheap And Nice Dak Galby

I used to travel all the way to Ampang Korean Village (quite far from home) whenever I pine for Korean food. Not too long ago however, a Korean restaurant opened in Makhota Cheras. That's now much nearer to home but I kept on postponing a visit to this place until today and I am pleasantly surprised.

We decided to try the Dak-galbi even though there are other things that I like on the menu. After all the Dak-galbi is their signature dish and almost every table is seen eating this.
If it ever tasted good with such simple ingredients like cabbage, boneless drumstick, sweet potatoes, rice cake roll and scallion, the secret must be in the chilli paste. The chili paste which is a mixture of apples, pears, ginseng, garlic, onion, ginger, fine nuts and chilli powder is no secret after all as the ingredients are listed on a banner hung on the restaurant wall.  
The serving attendant who was supposed to do the stir-frying on the hot plate was juggling a few tasks at a few tables as the restaurant was short-handed. Business was apparently brisk.
The accompanying dish include the cabbage kimchi which is one of the best I have tasted. The kimchi served in most other Korean restaurants tend to be a tad too salty but the kimchi here is just right. 
The onion pickle looks unappealing but tasted good and goes well with the Dak-galbi. The fermented bean chilli sauce was too salty for me though.  There is free refill of these accompanying condiments and lettuce.
Emm... so good. The chicken is tender, the rice cake roll pleasantly chewy and the dish as a whole,  savory and flavorful. And it was very cheap. Just RM38 (excluding 6% service charge and drinks) for 2 persons. 

The address and contact no:
Uncle Jang Korean Restaurant
No 25-1, Jalan Makhota Redisence,
Bdr Makhota Cheras, Cheras, Selangor
Tel: 011-39991511.

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