Monday, 8 December 2014

Hungry Go Where In Chiang Mai?

Hungry go where in Chiang Mai? The answer before I arrived is "I don't know". I have stopped looking at food blogs and food reviews before going to a foreign land as I have been disappointed time and again spending  money and energy searching for some recommended eating place tucked in don't know which corner of the city just to eat something very mediocre. 
We decided to search for food based on our instinct instead and we found two very nice restaurants that serve great tasting food in Chiang Mai.

We were walking along Changklan Road one morning looking for things to eat as we have not taken breakfast. We peeped into all the restaurants along our way and struck off one by one till we saw something rather appealing.  It was beef noodles in a shop called Rote Yiam.

Rote Yiam Beef Noodle
164/48 Changklan Road 
Open 8am  till 5pm
The cutlery cabinet

This version of beef noodle is different from some of my favorite beef noodles back home but it is a perfect blend of herbs and fish sauce with lots of green toppings ( bean sprouts, coriander, lettuce and water spinach). 
Spicy condiments that complement the noodles.
Our 'Kway Teow' with tender beef slices and spicy aromatic soup was an unforgettable breakfast indeed.

Ping Ping Seafood Restaurant
Anusarn Market
Open: Lunch and Dinner
Another restaurant that serves great tasting Thai food is Ping Ping Seafood Restaurant.
It is located at Anusarn Market and has a huge signage which is easily visible.
This restaurant serves one of the best green curries I have tasted in Thailand. 
The papaya salad (aka som tam) was very appetizing.
And we had this spicy shellfish with the fragrance of basil that can make one drool.
And something milder -  vegetables cooked in Chinese style.

Overall it was a very satisfying meal. Price? Very cheap. 

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